Custom Label Shapes

Custom labels come in all different shapes and sizes. Some brands may choose a more traditional route when it comes to label shape, while others may be in the market for something more custom to stand out from the competition. No matter the shape of your product label, Blue Label Packaging Company can help bring your labeling vision to life.

Choosing the Right Label Shape

The shape of your label will largely depend on the shape of your product or packaging. Blue Label can print and die cut labels for all types of containers, including bottles, cans, and jars, and for all different markets. From geometric to decorative, here are some of our most popular label shapes:

Rectangle Labels

Hair wax labels.

Rectangular labels are one of the most commonly used label shapes. They offer ample design space and can fit many different containers. Rectangular labels are perfect for most beer bottles, wine bottles, e-juice containers, skin care products—really just about any kind of packaging. Depending on your style preference, we can print rectangle and square labels with rounded or square corners.

Square Labels

Similar to rectangular labels, square labels have a wide range of uses, and different size labels can help you achieve certain looks. For example, small square labels can work well for barcode labels or warehouse tags for industrial products. Meanwhile, large square labels can be ideal for products with lots of marketing real estate, like household cleaning supplies and some specialty food items.

Oval Labels

Oval shaped labels for honey.

For a sophisticated look, oval shaped labels can be used across a variety of markets, ranging from specialty foods and beverages to health and beauty products. When designing your oval label, consider minimalistic designs and features, as these labels can often have less space than most rectangle labels. Another label design tip to keep in mind is how the oval shape can impact the way text looks when it’s curved to fit within the label.

Circle Labels

A circle label can be a great choice for many products, such as cosmetics or hair products that come in circular containers. Additionally, circle labels are perfect for drawing extra attention to your product, especially if there’s a special ingredient, promotion, or message you want to convey.

Custom Shaped Labels

Have a package with a unique shape? We can create virtually any custom shaped label that you can imagine. We have over 2,000 custom label dies in-house, but if none of those meet your needs, we are happy to make unique label shapes that specific to your brand.

Print Custom Shaped Labels

Blue Label has the technology, expertise, and unmatched service to print high-quality, custom shaped labels. Our HP Indigo digital printing presses provide us with the ability to run labels in small batches and provide turnaround times of five business days from order approval.

We offer a variety of paper and film stocks and finishes like hot foil stamping and embossing. Our experts will work with you to bring the best label to life and can even refer you to our national network of label designers who will work with you to create an eye-catching design that fits the shape of your label.

Ready to invest in custom shaped labels? Contact Blue Label today to get started on your next batch of unique label shapes.