Customized Bottle Labels and Bottle Label Printing

Custom bottle labels are the perfect way to ensure your product stands out in today’s crowded marketplace. While what’s inside each bottle plays a huge role in its success, your bottles need to get off the shelves and into the hands of customers first. That’s where Blue Label Packaging can help. All you need are the right label materials and a creative design to start printing your customized bottle labels.

Digital Printing for High-Quality, Custom Bottle Labels

No bottle label printing project is the same. Each individual product and bottle call for a custom design, specific printing needs, and other factors that affect your labels. We can print bottle labels for:

  • Beer

    Custom beer labels are the perfect way to make your craft brew stand out. With a variety of laminates and varnishes, we’ll make sure your bottle labels are waterproof for ice cold beer.

  • Wine

    Tell your story through custom wine labels. Consider hot foil stamping, embossing, or spot varnishing to take your wine label to the next level.

  • Spirits

    A row of bottles with product labels using ample white space.
    Bourbon, gin, vodka, rum―custom spirits labels can help distilleries stand out in a crowded marketplace. We can even print custom labels for the bottle neck too!

  • Heath & Beauty

    From cosmetics and lotions to hair care products and vitamin supplements, we can print custom bottle labels with fast turnaround times for your products.

  • Household

    Candle labels.
    We can print high-quality, custom bottle labels for household supplies like soaps, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning agents.

  • Specialty Foods

    Whether you make hot sauce and seasonings, olive oil and vinegars, or any other specialty food product, investing in custom bottle labels is crucial to standing out in both the supermarket and the farmer’s market.

  • Cannabis and CBD

    We provide high-quality label printing for medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products. Different strains? We can easily customize bottle labels to account for variable data like batch numbers, product names, and more.

  • E-Juice

    Even the smallest vape juice bottle should have a chance to stand out. With our full range of digital printing capabilities, equipment and finishing techniques, we can ensure your custom bottle labels shine.

Choosing the Right Materials for Your Bottle Label


High-quality bottle labelling can add durability to the shelf-life of your packaging, whether it’s a non-perishable food product or a beer label that needs to be moisture-resistant. When you have a product that has a long shelf-life or may be exposed to temperature or moisture, Blue Label has the expertise to help you select the right materials and applications to protect your bottle label from shipping to the shelf and beyond.

Custom Shapes and Treatments to Make Your Bottle Label Stand Out

wine bottles

In keeping a pulse on today’s top bottle labeling trends, Blue Label has the expertise and tools your brand needs to develop custom bottle labels that are specifically made for your needs. Whether you need a custom label for a bottle neck, wrap around label, or different labels for the front and back, we have you covered. We offer a variety of materials and adhesives, including die cut labels to fit a custom shape (perfect for small or tapered bottles), and specialty treatments like embossing and hot foil stamping for a high-quality, sophisticated look.

Some of the advantages we offer include:

Work with the Right Bottle Label Printer for Your Bottles

We know it’s not always about quantity – it’s about quality. That’s why you can expect a fun, collaborative relationship with our bottle labeling company. You’re the expert on your company and products, and we’re the experts on custom bottle labels. By working together, we can guide you through the most important decisions and create the printed bottle labels your bottles deserve.

Are you ready to get moving on your custom bottle labels? We’d love to hear about what you envision. Contact Blue Label today to talk to one of our experts about your next bottle label printing project.