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Custom Bottle Labels Labels in 5 Days or Less

Custom bottle labels are the perfect way to ensure your product stands out in today’s crowded marketplace. While what’s inside each bottle plays a huge role in its success, your bottles need to get off the shelves and into the hands of customers first. That’s where Blue Label Packaging can help. All you need are the right label materials and a creative design to start printing your customized bottle labels.

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Digital Printing for High-Quality, Custom Bottle Labels

No bottle label printing project is the same. Each individual product and bottle call for a custom design, specific printing needs, and other factors that affect your labels. We can print bottle labels for:

Beer Bottles with Labels

Craft Beer

Custom beer labels are the perfect way to make your craft brew stand out. With a variety of laminates and varnishes, we’ll make sure your bottle labels are waterproof for ice cold beer.
Wine Bottles with Labels


Tell your story through custom wine labels. Consider hot foil stamping, embossing, or spot varnishing to take your wine label to the next level.
Spirits Bottle with Custom Label


Bourbon, gin, vodka, rum―custom spirits labels can help distilleries stand out in a crowded marketplace. We can even print custom labels for the bottle neck and tamper seals too!
Health and Beauty Label

Health, Beauty, & Wellness

From cosmetics and lotions to hair care products and vitamin supplements, we can print custom bottle labels with fast turnaround times for your products.
Household Labels

Household Products

We can print high-quality, custom bottle labels for household supplies like soaps, hand sanitizer, and other cleaning agents.
Specialty Foods Labels

Specialty Foods

Whether you make hot sauce and seasonings, olive oil and vinegars, or any other specialty food product, investing in custom bottle labels is crucial to standing out in both the supermarket and the farmer’s market.
CBD Oil Labels


We provide high-quality label printing for medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products. Different strains? We can easily customize bottle labels to account for variable data like batch numbers, product names, and more.
Ejuice labels


Even the smallest vape juice bottle should have a chance to stand out. With our full range of digital printing capabilities, equipment and finishing techniques, we can ensure your custom bottle labels shine.

Product Options

Standard and Custom Label Shapes and Sizes

Standard and Custom Label Shapes and Sizes

We offer both standard label shapes and sizes, as well as fully customized die cut labels tailored perfectly to fit any bottle, including tapered containers, enabling more versatility for your branding.


Impressively durable labels made with waterproof materials, protective laminates, or varnish coatings. Our labels are engineered to resist fading and withstand moisture, abrasion, and other effects from shipping to shelf.
Label Types

Label Types

Durable label materials with options ranging from matte to glossy finishes, including satin, soft touch, foil paper, and more. Enhance your labels with protective laminates or coatings for a sleek gloss finish that will resist moisture from ice buckets and refrigeration.
Bold Colors and Finishing Options

Bold Colors and Finishing Options

Stand out with vibrant packaging and exceptional color quality. Finishing options like hot foil stamping, embossing, screen printing, uv spot varnishes, and even bold metallics make your bottles stand out on the shelf.
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Why Blue Label

Fast Production

We pride ourselves on speedy production and shipping times, producing your printed bottle labels in 5 business days or less*.

Quotes in 24 Hours

Blue Label Packaging sets the bar for responsive service, providing customized quotes for custom label printing jobs in less than 24 hours.

Label Expertise

Our label experts are involved in every step of the process, from helping you choose the perfect bottle label materials to monitoring your custom label projects through all steps of the production process. 

No Minimum Order Quantities

Because we work with businesses of every size, we require no minimum order quantity.

Ordering Process

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1. Get a Quote

1. Get a Quote

Get a Quote

You’ll get a quote in less than 24 hours. No unnecessary costs, just competitive prices.

2. Proofing

2. Proofing


Review online proofs of your custom designed labels for quick and easy approval.

3. Print & Ship

3. Print & Ship

Turnaround Time

No expensive plates or time-consuming setup. Get standard labels in just 5 business days*.

Frequently Asked Questions

When it comes to label printing for bottles, we’ve produced eye-catching custom labels for just about every beverage type imaginable. Our expertise encompasses a wide variety of bottle types. Whether you need labels for standard 750mL wine bottles, long neck beer bottles with a tapered body, uniquely shaped liquor bottles, oversized magnum wine formats—or even water bottles, mini liquor sizes, or anything in between—we can provide creative label solutions.

Blue Label uses the latest adhesive technology and durable label materials to ensure our labels maintain their integrity across a full temperature range. Bottles deal with a range of temperatures and humidity. That’s why our label adhesives and materials are engineered to adhere and remain intact. Whether your bottles are stored on ice, sent in freight containers, or sitting on a refrigerated shelf, you can trust our labels to deliver durability along with resistance to condensation, abrasion, UV light and more at any temp extreme.

We offer shipping through several vendors like UPS, Fedex, and USPS. Ground, Next-Day, 2-Day, 3-Day, and custom freight options. 

Our preferred file formats are Adobe Illustrator or High-Resolution PDF.  You can view our complete artwork file standards checklist here.

While Blue Label Packaging does not directly offer label design services, we do have resources to help with your custom label design needs. We maintain a directory of Blue Label Approved designers who specialize in label design and understand the unique requirements and technical details involved. We also showcase a gallery of label designs for inspiration.

Our printers are capable of matching up to 97% of the full color spectrum, allowing us to achieve precise color reproduction for your beer labels. We use advanced CMYK printing to produce an extensive gamut of millions of colors. For designs requiring an expanded range, we also print using WOVG ink sets which add white, orange, violet and green.

Our top-of-the-line color management program and processes ensure we hit the correct hues, tints and shades. We color calibrate and profile all of our presses so your unique color palettes and gradations print true to your vision.

*standard labels are printed within 5 days after artwork approval