Label Printing for Household Cleaners

All-purpose cleaners, dusting products, furniture polish, and many more—when it comes to household cleaning products, a high-quality label is key to clean packaging.

Grease and dirt are no match for your household cleaning products, but what about your competitors? Your labels and packaging need to be top shelf, which is why it’s crucial to work with a digital label printing company that can meet your needs.

Why Choose Blue Label Packaging Company for Household Cleaner Labels?

Household cleaning products may contain powerful solutions to clean and disinfect surfaces. Therefore, it’s important you have a durable label that won’t smudge, scratch, or fade when it comes in contact with the contents of your cleaner.

Blue Label has the technology and expertise in packaging and label manufacturing to ensure high quality labels for your household cleaning products. Our investments in technology offer a variety of printing and finishing techniques, like lamination and UV label coating, that can both protect your packaging and enhance your design.

Additionally, our HP Indigo printing presses can match virtually any Pantone color, ensuring consistency across your brand of household cleaner labels. Everything is done digitally at Blue Label, so we can mix and match different colors and products all within the same order to help you maximize your budget without sacrificing quality.

From spray bottles and canisters to bottles and jugs, household cleaners come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We directly work with you to ensure your label design, materials, seals, and even adhesives are right for your packaging needs. Contact us today to have us print labels for your household cleaning products.