Custom Hand Sanitizer Labels

Hand sanitizer is an essential healthcare product, especially during cold and flu season. Used by a variety of consumers, hand sanitizer comes in all types of packaging: an automatic dispenser on the wall, a pump bottle in the office, even a mini bottle found in a handbag or car glove compartment.

You’ll need to invest in a high-quality label that won’t fade or tear, as well as an adhesive that’s durable enough to withstand various elements like water, oil, and heat. Our label experts at Blue Label are ready to help and advise on all your hand sanitizer label needs.

Print Custom Labels for Hand Sanitizer Bottles & Dispensers

FDA compliant hand sanitizer labels from Maplewood Brewery & Distillery.

To make the perfect hand sanitizer label for your container, we can work with you to identify the right paper or film material for your labels, along with finishes like laminates and UV varnishes for that extra layer of protection your label needs.

Whether you have been in the hand sanitizer market for years or are a brewery or distillery helping meet the demand, Blue Label has the digital printing expertise and capabilities to print custom hand sanitizer labels for your business. Our HP Indigo digital printing presses provide us with the ability to run labels in small batches and provide turnaround times of just five business days from order approval, all at a cost-effective prices.

Ready to invest in custom hand sanitizer labels? Contact Blue Label today to get started on your next batch of labels.