E-Juice Labels

In the rapidly expanding e-juice industry, it seems like a new brand or flavor is introduced every second. It’s important to have a digital printer that will help your e-liquid and vape products stand out from the competition.

Given the size constraints on vape juice bottles and the multitude of versions and varieties needed, this can be difficult to achieve, but it’s no feat we haven’t already conquered. Blue Label Packaging Company has served hundreds of e-juice companies across the U.S., so we know what to expect.

Make Your Custom E-Liquid Label Stand Out


When it comes to your label design, even the smallest e-juice bottle should have a chance to stand out. With our full range of digital printing equipment and finishing techniques, we can ensure your bottle labels shine.

Blue Label offers a variety of label materials, including lamination and waterproof synthetics to withstand the elements, and glossy and matte finishes to help your vape and e-juice products attract customers. Not to mention, our HP Indigo printing presses allow us to print up to 98 percent of Pantone colors without the need for costly custom colors.

In addition, we stock over 1,000 different dies for different shapes and sizes, and have numerous options for the small label sizes necessary for e-juice bottles. If you need more space, we can also print custom hang tags if you have more information that you want to share.

Partner with the Right Printing Company for Your E-Juice Labels

Vape juice labels.

Amid increasing competition and ever-changing regulations, getting your products labeled on the shelves as quickly as possible is crucial. We can work with you to make sure your e-juice and vape products have quality labels to attract customers and remain compliant, all while staying under budget.

With small minimum order requirements and zero setup charges, we can offer you fast, quality e-juice labels regardless of how many you need. Thanks to variable data printing, you can mix and match as many different labels as you want in one order, so you can introduce new flavors without the expense of high minimums or extra fees. Our three-to-five-day turnarounds are the best in the industry, allowing you to order exactly what you need when you need it.

Blue Label can be the digital printing company you need to succeed. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about your next custom e-liquid label project.