Professional Rum Label Printing

A good rum demands attention. Your rum bottles need to command attention on shelves, behind bars, and online. That’s why Blue Label Packaging Co. works distilleries to print premium rum bottle labels that showcase their quality spirits.

White, dark, spiced, or gold, every bottle or rum needs to stand out from the competition. Blue Label is an award-winning, full-service digital printing company that excels at printing stunning, eye-catching spirits labels. We’ve earned a reputation for creating custom bottle labels for distilleries of all sizes, and we can ensure that your rum labels tell your story and attract attention.

Elevate Your Rum Labels with Blue Label

The perfect custom rum bottle label needs to accomplish several goals.

  • Attract attention in a world where people take seconds to latch onto a product.
  • Convey the quality of your product and give your rum a premium look and feel.
  • Showcase your brand and make people remember your products.

As a trusted printing partner for distilleries, Blue Label understands just how hard it is to make that all-important impact to not only separate your rum from the pack, but also stay in the minds (and home bars) of customers. That’s why we’ve invested in the tools, techniques, and talent to elevate your rum label design.

Every rum label we print is custom built from the base on up with our state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital printing presses and special finishing equipment. This digital printing process allows us to print stunning, durable bottle labels without the need for expensive plate costs, material waste, and extra setup fees. Simply put, we can print premium-quality labels quickly and more cost-effectively than traditional printing practices.

Another key advantage of working with Blue Label is our extensive team of label printing experts. Every label poses new opportunities and challenges, from specific design criteria to application processes. Our team provides a tailored, concierge experience for every client, meaning that we’ll identify the best, most cost-effective way to enhance and protect your rum bottle labels. This process includes utilizing the following printing resources and capabilities to maximize the look and performance of your labels.

  • Material selection – Choose from several types of label materials. These options include adding elegance through textured papers, highlighting your spirits with clear films, and other stunning substrate options.
  • Label decorations – Amplify your design and add to the perceived quality of your product through a variety of decorative techniques.
    • Embossing and debossing – Press a special design into your label to leave a pattern customers can both see and feel.
    • Hot foil stamping – Leave a metallic, holographic, and another type of specialty foil imprint to highlight a particular part of your packaging.
    • Spot varnishing – Add a gloss, satin, soft-touch, coating to showcase and protect specific parts of your design.
    • High build screen printing – Layer high-gloss ink on top of your label to build an elegant, three-dimensional pattern on your design.
  • Color consistency – Match up to 98% of pantone colors to ensure brand consistency across all your products.
  • Print protection – Defend your label design with laminates and varnishes that both protect against scratches, stains, and other damage.

Enjoy Industry Best Turn-Times and Unmatched Customer Service for Your Labels

No matter whether you sell small batches of aged rum or produce several different types of spirits, your distillery deserves quality service. When you work with Blue Label, our goal is to serve as a true printing partner instead of just another label printing company.

Every one of our partners can expect hands-on service and quality assurance for every label printing project. Our experts work closely with you to learn what differentiates your rum brand so that we can tell your story through premium packaging. We’re also proud members of the American Craft Spirits Association and the American Distillers Institute, so we can help know how to address the specific challenges distilleries face when packaging their products. Meanwhile, we can help you stay up to date on all the latest trends – or help you start a new one.

We are also committed to providing industry-best turnaround times for rum distilleries from coast to coast. Thanks to our printing process and expert service, our goal is to ensure your distillery gets the labels it needs in time to empty the stills and accommodate supplicating schedules.

Ready to work with a trusted label printing partner for your spirits? Contact Blue Label today.