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Mission Coffee Co.

Mission Coffee Co. in Columbus, Ohio does things differently. They are dedicated to the highest quality coffee from farm to cup. If you ever get the chance to visit their shop in the Short North, you can see just how committed they are to craftsmanship and great design. When Mission Coffee decided they wanted to increase retail distribution of their coffees, they decided it was time to revisit their packaging.

Blue Label was able to work with Mission Coffee to create vibrantly colored, foil stamped labels that communicate their strong branding and dedication to craftsmanship. The bold colors and typography identify each individual variety of coffee, while consistent gold foil borders with an image of Ohio in the middle appear across the whole line.

Mission Coffee Co.’s labels do a great job of demonstrating how traditional decoration methods like foil stamping can be combined with digital printing to create outstanding packaging. If you like good packaging design, and more importantly, great coffee, make sure you pick a bag up for yourself.

Find out more at: missioncoffeeco.com

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