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Hot Foil Stamping

Sophisticated Custom Labels with Hot Foil Stamping

What kind of look are you going for with your labels? Is it high quality, sophisticated, elegant, or flashy? If so, hot foil stamping might be the perfect addition to your custom labels.

The process of hot foil stamping involves the application of metallic foil to paper using a heated plate. It works by pressing the foil onto the surface, which results in the design of the plate being left on the material. Oftentimes, the process of hot foil stamping is combined with embossing to create a three-dimensional image that stands out from other labels.

Blue Label Packaging Company uses high-quality materials for all types of labels, including the foil for hot foil stamping. We have a range of foils such as metallic, gloss pigment, matte pigment, and holographic foils to add to your design. Whatever you envision for your custom labels using hot foil stamping, we can bring them to life.

Why Choose Blue Label Packaging Company for Your Hot Foil-Stamped Labels?

To start, we have the technology it takes to ensure that your hot foil-stamped labels look great and are done on time. Our HP digital printing presses allow us to provide consistency and quality, as well as a three-to-five-day turnaround guarantee once your designs are approved (foil stamp plates may add additional days on your initial order).

When you partner with us to create your label, our team can guide you through the process to determine which materials and adhesives are best for your hot foil stamped label. You know your product and we know how to print eye-catching labels. That’s a great combination. If you still need help with your design, we can even point you toward our Designer Directory.

If you haven’t considered hot foil stamping, or you’re unsure how it’ll look, we’re here to help. You can expect a productive working partnership when you team up with us, and we’ll keep the process as simple as possible. Contact Blue Label today to talk to one of our experts about custom foil printing for your labels.