Growler Tags: Designs, Styles, and Examples

Beer cans and bottles aren’t the only containers that need to look good for your customers. Growler tags play an important dual role; showcasing your brand and providing key information. Hang tags should be treated with just as much love and care as any other beer labeling. As a digital printing business, we have a few ideas of how you can create outstanding hang tags for your growlers.

Show Off More with Double-Sided Growler Tags

Ever have a hang tag flip over on you, showing off some blank, boring patch of white that shows nothing of value? It certainly doesn’t look good, which is why double-sided growler tags are a simple way to improve your growler’s presentation.

Image of a double-sided growler tag.

We worked with Bad Sons Beer Company to produce the custom, double-sided growler tags you see above. With just a few square inches of space, we showed off the Bad Sons brand and gave the brewery a space to write down important information about the beer in the growler, without ever making the design feel too busy or cramped. Try doing that with a single-sided growler tag.

Use Growler Tags to Include Special Information

If you paid extra attention to the last photo in this post, you might have already caught another cool way to utilize growler tags. Chill St. knew that customers did more than just drink their cider, so they used the back of their growler tags for a recipe.

Image of a tearaway growler tag.

With instructions on how to make a tasty cider vinaigrette, Chill St. smartly gave their customers yet another reason to buy their products. Thanks to perforations, people could even tear off the recipe card for safe keeping the next time they were ready to fill their growler up with more cider.

Shape Your Growler Tag to Your Brand

You don’t need to settle for a classic rectangular hang tag if you don’t want to. A digital printer can create label dies – tools that are designed to cut a sheet of material – to create custom shapes for your growler tags. This gives you plenty of freedom to be creative with your tags, including having them cut to the shape of your logo or some other design that fits in with your style of the types of beer that you make.

Multiple Versions for the Price of One

Since they are printed digitally, you can mix and match a variety of different artwork. This allows you to create a specific growler tag for each brew, or just change up the artwork so to make your tags collectible. With custom die lines and variable artwork, you could make your growler tags a series of playing cards or limited-edition artwork! Without needed expensive plates or version setups, you can use your growler tag to engage customers and create a memorable print piece.

Image of variable, multi-color growler tags.

Get the Right Growler Tags for Your Company

A growler tag is another chance to get your brand out to the public, which is why we work with you to create hang tags that match your style and wow your customers. In addition to all the different materials and capabilities that we can provide, we also can finish and ship your growler tags within 3-5 business days after you approve an order. If you don’t already have a design in mind for your tags, we have a designer directory that can help you find a creative professional who can help you bring your new growler tags to life.

Intrigued by the possibilities? Contact us today to discuss custom printing options for your growler tags.