The Different Applications of Hang Tags

Have you ever wished that there was a way to add just a little more information to the packaging or label of one of your products? Whether you have some new, exciting information or just didn’t have enough space before, some more marketing real estate can be a real benefit for promoting your goods. Thankfully, there’s an answer to your problems: the hang tag.

A good hang tag is more than just a bit of paper dangling from the neck of one of your containers. A strategically-placed tag can help you get your customers excited over special deals or share key information that they should know. Even better, well-designed hang tags help you engage your audience in a variety of ways without you ever having to swap out your current packaging for something that can simply be added on to your products.

Another benefit of hang tags is that they’re extremely versatile. There are several industries that can take advantage of hang tags. Here are a few examples of the different applications of hang tags.

Different Markets for Hang Tags

Alcohol and Other Beverages

Bottles are a natural fit for hang tags. Not only do they naturally have a neck to hang a tag, but beer, wine, and other beverages often benefit from having some additional information. Need to inform the buyer when a bottle was filled? Growler tags can display dates for when the bottle was filled. Want to give buyers new ways to use your product? Add a recipe to a hang tag so that they use even more. All it takes is a good hang tag to intrigue your customers.

Image of hang tag applications.

Specialty Foods

Drinks aren’t the only things that can benefit from hang tags. Sauces, seasonings, and any number of specialty food products can use hang tags to promote special information that relates to your product. If you want to incentivize someone to try your product or buy a second bottle, print a tag that can be used as a special coupon. Special recipes can make your product a crucial ingredient for the next feast. You can also list all the ways your product can be used, just to make sure everyone knows just how great and versatile your product is.

Health and Beauty Products

There are a wide variety of health and beauty products, and hang tags can work for many of them. Drive up shampoo sales by adding a hang tag coupon to your bottles. Boast about special awards for your top-of-the-line skin care products. List off accolades from groups that approve of your organic vitamins. If you need or want to say something to your audience, hang tags will do it.

Home Goods

Do you sell cleaning products or other home goods? Hang tags are a nice, easy way to add more info without making your labels too busy. All it takes is a good designer and a printing company to add a little more to the appeal of your product.


The legal cannabis market is growing, so you want something that can help your product stand out among the rest, especially when part of your label is taken up by critical information needed for identification and compliance. Add the extra information that doesn’t fit on hang tags to tell your whole story.

Vape Juice

Like every other application, hang tags are a great way to add important selling points to vape juice bottles. Do you have other flavors that customers should try? Want to offer a special deal to get them to buy more? Add hang tags with that information to get them interested the next time they purchase vape juice.

Image of a printed product hang tag.

Invest in Custom Hang Tags to Promote Your Products

A good hang tag can be the difference between a customer setting your product back on the shelf and taking it to the register. However, a boring piece of paper isn’t going to attract anybody’s attention. A good designer and a custom digital printing company can help you create hang tags that are designed specifically for your products and tell your story. It’s just a matter of finding the right printing partners.

At Blue Label, we can deliver quality hang tags made to your specifications. If you have a design in place, we can print and ship your new tags to you in 3-5 business days after your order is approved. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about digitally-printed hang tags for your products.

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