Chapstick Labels

In a crowded market, your labels can be the difference in why someone chooses your chapstick over a competitor’s. That’s why you need the perfect labels to help convey the quality of your products.

Attractive, high-quality chapstick labels can set your products apart from the competition whether you sell your products in stores, online, or both. Blue Label Packaging has the expertise and technology to help you invest in the best, most cost-effective chapstick labels for your business.

A selection of professional chapstick labels.

The Special Needs of Custom Chapstick Labels

Chapstick labels face a few different challenges that require special solutions. Chapstick labels are meant to be stored in pockets, purses, and bathrooms. The constant scrapes, scuffs, and escapades near water will lead low-quality labels to peel and fade very quickly.

At Blue Label, every chapstick label comes with either a laminate or varnish to protect your designs for regular use. These forms of print protection will help shield your designs from scuffs and scrapes caused by regular handling or rubbing up against other items. Laminates can also provide oil resistance and protect your labels from other potential hazards.

Chapstick labels come with a few other challenges. Our team can work with you to identify quality, cost-effective chapstick label solutions to address the following needs:

  • High quality printing to accommodate legibility and design for small chapstick containers
  • Special label printing capabilities like embossing and decorative varnishes to highlight your branding
  • Label material and adhesive selection to account for look, feel, and performance
  • Ease of customization and quick turnaround times for orders with multiple SKUs

Blue Label is here to help you create custom labels for your needs. Every product has it’s challenges, which is why we aim to find the right labeling solution for your company.

Why Blue Label is the Right Partner for Your Custom Chapstick Labels

Regardless of your company size, number of units, or SKUs, Blue Label is here to help you invest in the best, most-cost effective chapstick labels for your needs. Thanks to our state-of-the-art digital printing technology, we can offer several advantages for custom chapstick labels.

  • We eliminate the need for tooling costs and lengthy setup times associated with other printing methods.
  • Our printers provide unparalleled color and image quality, even for small chapstick containers.
  • We can combine multiple label orders into one project to provide order flexibility with multiple products.

At Blue Label, we also strive to act as more than just a vendor. We offer personalized services to help guide you through the label printing process. We work directly with you to provide a customized solution that meets your specific needs.

Ready to invest in the perfect labels for your chapstick containers? Contact Blue Label today to get started.