Jam Labels

When several jam jars compete for attention, it’s important to make sure that your products are the ones people notice. Eye-catching jam labels can help you beat the competition and spread your brand to new customers.

Jam packaging has evolved past sticky notes and permanent markers. Whether you’re selling your jams online, in stores, or at farmers markets, digital label printing can help you elevate your packaging to make new customers take note of your brand (and take your products home with them).

Invest in Quality, Cost-Effective Jam Labels with Blue Label

When it’s time to make sure your products stand out, Blue Label can help. No matter the size or shape of your jar, we can work with you to print the perfect jam labels to help you highlight the quality and personality of your products. We work with you to determine the right material for your labels, such as a glossy laminate to protect your logo from the sticky deliciousness, or a textured paper that can give your customers a more natural feel.

Another advantage of working with Blue Label is that quality doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Thanks to digital printing technology, we can work with you to find a label solution for your budget, whether it’s a couple hundred to get you started or a large run of several thousand to keep up with a large production. You also don’t need to worry about making separate orders for every type of jam you make – since we’re digital, we can mix and match different versions of your jam on the same order. Not only does this help you save money, it also let’s you get the labels you need when you need them thanks to quick turnaround times of just five business days after label approval.

Ready to get the jam labels you need to succeed? Contact Blue Label today to have us print the perfect labels for your products.