Iowa Legendary Rye

Carroll, IA

Carroll, Iowa. The land of wheat, corn, rye and several other crops are produced on some of the nation’s richest top soil. It’s also where the story of bootlegging probably made its best stand. Iowa Legendary Rye is distilled in Carroll, Iowa, quite close to where the original Prohibition recipe was created by a bootleggin’ Grandma by the name of Lorine Sextro. That classic piece of history is unparalleled as they still make that recipe just the same as Grandma did.

Iowa Legendary Rye needed a label supplier that could deliver the refined detail their product deserved. We had the experience and equipment to make it happen. Hot foil stamping and embossing add an element of refinery that reflect the quality of the spirits within. Iowa Legendary Rye has gone on to win a Gold Medal for packaging and design, and Blue Label is honored to be a part of their success.