The Advantages of Digital Label Printing for Small Businesses

A good label plays a key part in promoting your product. Digital label printing allows small and startup businesses to enjoy the same level of quality as big corporations, even if they don’t want or need to order labels in huge quantities.

Zeroing in on the right number of labels for your business instead of over-ordering can provide you with several attractive benefits. Here are three ways that picking and choosing your order size through a digital label printing company can make sense for your business.

Time is on Your Side

When you need labels right away, digital printing is your friend. Unlike other printing methods, digital printing doesn’t require the use of plates. Instead, all it takes is the right equipment and a print-ready PDF file with your design. No plates mean less setup is required to get your labels ready to go, so you receive any press proofs or finished products sooner than you had before. These quick turnaround times give you more freedom to test different concepts or get your products ready to go, which is especially beneficial when you’re operating on an extremely tight deadline.

Just how quick are digital label turnarounds? Once your artwork is approved, Blue Label can finish your labels in three to five business days, barring any need for custom dies or specialty materials. In those cases, we can special order any dies or materials and have them ready to go for any future printing jobs.

Digitally printed labels for small businesses.

Save Your Money

A lack of plates doesn’t only mean quicker turnaround times. Having the flexibility to choose a smaller run of labels can be a very budget-friendly printing option. This is partially because you aren’t paying for plates or extra printing setup costs, but they aren’t the only reasons.

Waste can be one of the biggest contributors to losing money, and that includes when you buy labels. First, long turnaround times can lead to wasted time. Without a label, it’s difficult to sell your goods. The earlier you can get products on shelves, the earlier you can make a profit. There’s also the possibility that you may not be able to use all the labels you paid for. Sometimes necessary changes can render labels obsolete, which can leave you sitting with a whole bunch of labels that’ll just go to waste. With the option to do a smaller quantity of labels, you don’t have to be afraid of wasting money. If you need a large quantity, digital printing can still get you the labels you need.

Commit to What You Want

Remember those unexpected changes we mentioned? Depending on your business, they can be a result of compliance needs or a simple product change. Digital printing gives you a welcome level of flexibility when your business can’t afford to commit to a massive label printing job.

At Blue Label, our minimum order amount is as low as $200. This gives you the freedom to order the number of labels you need instead of committing to a number higher than your comfort level. If you end up needing more, you can always come back and order another run to suit your needs. If you have a variety of products that each need different labels, you can order smaller quantities of each one. Better yet, digital printing can help you combine all those runs into the same print job to help you find some extra cost savings. That will give you all the benefits of order flexibility in one nice, compact job.

A digital printer making custom labels for small businesses.

Find Your Digital Label Printing Partner

To get high-quality digital labels, you’ll need to find the right digital printing company. We provide a wide variety of labels for many different businesses, and our experts can work with you to create labels that are both right for your products and your budget without sacrificing on quality. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about printing labels for your business.