Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

If you’re looking for a product label, there’s a good chance that a pressure sensitive label (sometimes shortened to PSL or PS label) is what you want. When working with the right digital printing company, pressure sensitive labels can provide a cost-effective option for businesses in virtually every industry to brand their products.

What are Pressure Sensitive Labels?

Pressure sensitive labels are very similar to stickers. They require pressure to form a bond between the adhesive and the product. The self-adhesive characteristics of these labels mean no water, solvent, or heat is needed for the label to stick to the product. Not only can pressure sensitive labels be easily applied, they can also be easily removed by simply peeling the label off the container.

These custom pressure sensitive labels are printed and delivered in roll form and can come in a variety of materials, colors, die cut shapes, and sizes. Whatever you envision for your product labels, Blue Label Packaging Company can bring them to life.

Applications for Pressure Sensitive Labels

Pressure sensitive labels are easy to use, look great, and can contain all the important information you need. Pressure sensitive labeling can be applied to just about any type of package or container, including any size bottle, jar, or can. This makes pressure sensitive labels a perfect labeling option for all types of products, including:

  • Specialty Foods

    Food pressure sensitive labels
    From candy and snacks to spreads and syrups to sauces and seasonings, we can print your custom pressure sensitive labels.

  • Specialty Beverages

    A trio of kombucha bottles with labels.
    Think coffee, tea, kombucha―if you can drink it, we can label it.

  • Household Goods

    Candle labels.
    No matter how big or small, we can print pressure sensitive labels for household products.

  • Beer

    beer pressure sensitive label
    Whether you make lagers or stouts or drink out of a bottle or can, we have you covered.

  • Wine

    Take your pressure sensitive wine label to the next level with hot foil stamping or embossing.

  • Spirits

    High-quality pressure sensitive labels can communicate the character and quality of your craft spirit.

  • Health and Beauty Products

    Whether you make hair wax, lip balm, beard oil, or lotion, pressure sensitive labels look good and are durable enough to last.

  • E-Juice

    Whether you say e-juice, vape juice, or e-liquid, we’ve got you covered.

  • Cannabis and CBD

    Stay compliant and on-budget with pressure sensitive labels for your medical and recreational cannabis and CBD products.

The Components of a Pressure Sensitive Label

Pressure sensitive labels are composed of five parts:

  1. Liner
  2. Release coat
  3. Adhesive
  4. Face Stock
  5. Top Coat

The liner is the backing material, usually made of paper film or plastic film, that serves as the base layer for the other four layers. This layer is thrown away after application.

The release coat is a special coating applied to the top surface of the liner to oppose the adhesive layer. The release coat allows the adhesive layer to easily peel away from the liner and be applied to the package or container.

The adhesive is what holds the label to a given package or container. We’ve outlined many considerations for choosing the right pressure sensitive label adhesive.

The face stock is the label material used to construct the label itself and can be made of paper, plastic film, foil, laminate, or another material. This is the part of the label that the consumer will see.

The top coat is laminated on the face stock to protect the label and give it a finished look.

Selecting the Right Material and Adhesive for Your Pressure Sensitive Labels

Blue Label offers a range of materials and adhesives that allow us to create the perfect labels for your products. A few things you may want to consider is how the roughness and shape of your surface materials can impact the ability of your label to adhere to your packaging.

Additionally, conditions like humidity, moisture, light, and temperature may impact the material and adhesive used for your PS labels. But don’t worry; we’ll help you understand how to use the right label materials for your label application.

Why Use Blue Label Packaging Company for Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels?


Blue Label has the expertise and tools you need to develop high-quality pressure sensitive labels. Our printing technology affords us the capabilities to print your pressure sensitive labels on a wide range of materials and finishes, like hot foil stamping and embossing. Have a specific label shape in mind? We have over 2,000 different dies, and if none of those meet your needs, we are happy to make something specific to your brand.

Some more advantages we offer include:

  • A network of designers
  • No minimum order size or setup fees
  • Variety of materials and adhesives
  • Full color label printing
  • Three-to-five-day turnarounds
  • Small run labels
  • Excellent service

Whether you’re new to label printing or have created labels before, you can expect a working partnership when you choose Blue Label Packaging Company. We aim to simplify the label making process for you and provide as much guidance as you need. You’re the expert when it comes to your company and products, so let us help you in transforming your pressure sensitive label concept into reality.

Are you ready to get one step closer to your pressure sensitive labels? Contact Blue Label today about your pressure sensitive label printing needs.