3 Benefits of White Space for Product Label Design

White space is more than just of the area between design elements on your label – in fact it’s full of design possibilities. Using a color, texture, or pattern to balance elements or create a visual hierarchy can completely change the way people perceive your packaging. Whether you want to embrace minimalism or just need to space out certain aspects of your design, here are three reasons why you should consider embracing white space for your product labels.

White Space Improves Legibility

Whether you have a little or a lot of text on your label, those words need to stand out. Your labels need to intrigue and educate customers at first glance, so illegible text is a serious problem. As such, it’s a good idea to give your words some breathing room.

Crowded words make for a muddled message. Adding some white space between text and other design elements can make your label easier to read. In fact, a study conducted at Wichita State University confirmed that increasing white space improves reading comprehension. Even a little extra space between your copy and other elements can help define key brand messages, product info, and other crucial statements.

A spirits bottle that used white space in its label design.

White Space Attracts Attention to Key Design Elements

Do you have something really cool on your label and want to make sure people notice it? Don’t put anything next to it.

Whether you want to showcase your logo or a key message, white space is a great way to attract eyes to specific parts of your label design. A wall of images, text, and other details forces people to digest a lot of information in a short amount of time, which may mean certain aspects of your design will go unnoticed (or ignored). By giving your users a clean palate, their attention will naturally gravitate to your design element of choice.

White Space Communicates Value

If you want your label to set a certain tone, sometimes less is more. In fact, the right use of white space may even make your product seem like its worth more.

In addition to helping you attract attention to key details, white space inherently communicates a sense of balance, freshness, and elegance for your product. Those qualities are quite attractive for buyers, to the point of where the Interactive Design Foundation suggests that “using white space can suggest a company’s budget and thus the quality of the product.” In turn, that white space can increase the perceived value of your products.

Specialty food labels with white space that clearly calls out the brand and product name.

Find the Right Printer for Your Product Labels

There are several different design approaches you can take for your business. Regardless of if you opted for a lot of white space or small touches to improve legibility, it’s important to make sure the printed label lives up to your expectations.

At Blue Label, we work with you to help you get the most out of your label design. From material selection to highlighting printing capabilities to enhance your design, our experts can help you invest in the best, most cost-effective labels to help you showcase your products. Contact us today about your next label project.