6 Bottle Label Printing Trends for 2018

Bottles come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic beer bottle to the much smaller containers for vape juice. Regardless of size or industry, custom bottle labels play a key part in making sure that people take note of the bottle and its contents, which is why companies are always trying to find new ways to attract consumers. Here are six of the more intriguing bottle label printing trends for 2018.

Bold, simple label for a craft mead bottle.

Big, Simple, and Bold

Want to get your name out there? Don’t be afraid to go big and bold with your label. Shoppers don’t always have the time to take in every little detail, so some businesses gravitate toward designs that favor a simple, bold style that sticks to the basics. By minimizing supporting details and placing a clear emphasis on the critical content, you can ensure that shoppers will take note of what your product is and decide quickly if it appeals to them.

Sustainable Labels

As consumers become more interested in eco-friendly packaging, businesses have made strides to ensure that their products are sustainable. That means investing in labels that are biodegradable and, if possible, made from recycled materials. This trend also impacts the looks of certain labels. A natural paper label stock looks more appealing to an eco-friendly customer rather than a more plasticky material on a recyclable bottle.

Repeatable Patterns

If you have a great design, why not utilize it for all your products? Repeatable bottle label patterns are a big hit for many businesses because it helps them develop a strong identity without coming across as boring. For example, you can swap out colors or certain elements of your base design to differentiate each of your products. Variable data printing allows your business to personalize your patterns to efficiently create labels that are customized for individual people or for specific products.

Paper bottle labels with hand lettering for a brewery.

Hand Lettering

Hand lettering isn’t a new concept in design circles, but more businesses are starting to appreciate the effects it can have on their labels. When done right, hand lettering can add style, elegance, and warmth to a label that digital fonts can’t always achieve, which can be very appealing for customers who want a product that feels more natural and less corporate.

Bottle label featuring a hand-drawn illustration.

Illustrations and Photography

There are a lot of great stories behind a brand. A good illustration or photo is an increasingly popular way for businesses to visually tell their stories through their labels. A good photo can capture a certain essence, whether it’s a sense of intimacy or a complex visual message. Illustrations give designers a chance to craft their messages to fit a desired tone, whether it’s an old-timey sketch of the founders of a company or a fantastical drawing that’s bound to get people to pick up your bottle.

Holographic Effects

More companies are turning to holographic details to add some eye-catching effects to their labels. Holographic foil stamping allows printers to add a metallic, three-dimensional look to their bottles that can enhance their design. If you want to add brightness, flair, and a touch of elegance to your bottle labels, holographic effects will help your label pop off the shelf.

Work with a Digital Printing Company that Can Keep up with the Trends

Whether you’d like to take advantage of a recent craze or want to blaze your own path, you’ll need the right label printing company to make sure your packaging is on point. Blue Label’s experienced professionals and state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital print engines make it possible for you to take advantage of new printing technology and turn your label ideas into eye-catching, quality bottle labels.

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