Vape Juice Label Design Considerations

Even the smallest bottle should have a chance to stand out. A good label can provide a vape juice bottle with the personality and information it needs to have consumers grab it from a shelf. However, not all vape juice labels are created equal. Here’s what you should consider when it comes to creating labels for vape juice bottles.

Make the Most of Limited Space

FDA compliance is a critical factor for any vape juice label. This means you have a few rules that you need to follow. First, your label must include a warning that your product includes nicotine and can be addictive. The warning must be placed on 30 percent of the two principal display panels, be clearly visible, and use 12-point font. For more guidelines, head to the FDA’s official labeling and warning statement requirements page.

The FDA guidelines take up a fair amount of your label, especially since vape juice bottles don’t have much real estate to begin with. You don’t have much space, so don’t try and pack in too many details so that you end up with something that looks busy or messy.

Image of labels for e juice.

Don’t Settle on Materials or Printing Capabilities

Just because your label is tight on space doesn’t mean that you don’t have any options to make it flashy. A good digital label printing company can utilize label materials and special techniques to make your labels stand out.

An HP Indigo printing press can use 98 percent of Pantone colors, so get wild with your choices. Hot foil-stamped labels ooze class thanks to an attractive metal shine. You can also add a custom hang tag to your bottle if you have more information that you want to share.

Your choice of material is also important. Textured papers can add even more visual appeal to your labels, while waterproof synthetics will be able to withstand oil, water, and other potentially damaging substances.

Plan for Multiple SKUs

As you know, there are a lot of variables when it comes to vape juice products. Between different flavors and nicotine strengths, it’s easy to have dozens of different SKUs that each need their own label.

You shouldn’t spend the time or resources doing a complete redesign for every single one of your products. Instead, try for a design that allows you to easily swap out pertinent info like flavors, colors, and nicotine strengths. That way you only need to change small portions of your label design instead of starting from scratch.

Image of multiple vape juice label SKUs.

Find a Printing Company that Accommodates Multiple Label Designs

Several SKUs can also make printing expensive. If you have six different nicotine strengths for every flavor, you have to worry about having hundreds of different labels printed. It’s inefficient and expensive to have each SKU label printed separately, so you’ll need a more realistic solution.

A digital printing company can combine these orders into one print job if the SKUs don’t require different plates. In fact, it’s not uncommon to print 100 different types in one order. This means you don’t have to pay extra just because one part of the label lists a different flavor or nicotine strength. Digital printers can also accommodate small runs in case you need more labels for a specific flavor.

Order Labels for Your Vape Juice Containers

If you’re in need of quality vape juice labels, Blue Label can help. We can work with you to combine label orders or take care of small runs for new SKUs or popular products. Either way, we can deliver quality vape juice orders in 3-5 days, helping you get your labels when you need them.

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