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Waterproof Labels

Create Custom, High-Quality, Water-Resistant Labels

You’ve created the perfect product and now you can’t wait to see your label sitting by the pool, peeking out of an ice bucket, or chilling on a refrigerator shelf. The one thing that all of those scenarios have in common: moisture. Certain materials are designed to encounter and handle exposure to moisture, so it’s important you choose a label that plays well with water.

Waterproof labels offer the resistance your packaging needs. Water can cause some serious damage to your labels if the material isn’t made to deal with it. Peeling off the container, disintegrating, or bubbling, are just a few of the possibilities. Working with a digital printing company to find the right waterproof material can help your labels make a splash, even after they’ve been exposed to moisture.

Choose Blue Label Packaging Company for Water-Resistant Labels

Blue Label Packaging Company has invested in the equipment and technology necessary to develop high-quality, waterproof labels. We help you breakdown your label, from top to bottom, to ensure that every layer is right for the moisture your product will be exposed to. From laminates and UV varnishes, to waterproof materials, and even proper adhesives, we’ve got you covered. There’s a lot to consider when creating water-resistant labels for your products. We provide a collaborative relationship that makes the process as simple as possible. No matter your order size, we’ll be there to provide as much guidance as you need throughout the entire process.

Don’t sweat it. Contact us today to have us print your waterproof labels.