Building Trust: How to Promote Brand Transparency Through Packaging

These days, consumers gravitate towards a brand they can trust. According to Inc., the results of a study on brands in the food industry found that “73 percent of consumers say they’re willing to pay more for a product that promises total transparency.” Without that sense of transparency, your product is at risk of becoming just another replaceable commodity on the shelf.

So, how can a company build a connection with customers that goes beyond basic needs? Proper packaging gives you the chance to set the stage for your brand, which means a good product label can help you create an open, honest relationship between your product and the consumer. Here are a few ways you can promote brand transparency through product labels and other packaging.

Show Them What You’re Made Of

Everyone loves a good origin story, even when it comes to the products they buy. Use your packaging to showcase what goes into what you sell.

If you make specialty foods or drinks, transparency includes being very clear about ingredients. For products that are all-natural or organic, make sure your label and other packaging reflects this information. If you make a lip balm that sources local, natural ingredients, incorporate these details into your label design. Forbes reports that 88 percent of people like brands that help them feel more environmentally friendly and ethical.

Even if you can’t talk about all-natural ingredients or other benefits, you can still utilize your labels to give consumers an honest expectation of what’s inside. When a customer buys your product, they want that product to live up to the expectations set by your packaging. Nobody wants to feel like they were let down – or worse, lied to – because of a misleading label or uncommunicated details.

There are a variety of ways that you can be transparent about what customers should expect. The key is addressing potential miscommunications before they happen. For example, let’s say you sell CBD gummies in legally required opaque containers. Customers may have different expectations for how long they may last or the size of the gummies. To address this, consider adding a to-scale drawing or picture of your product on the box or label, along with a more prominent mention of how many gummies come in a container. Taking little steps like this on your label can help your brand feel more transparent about your products.

Clear labels being printed for transparent packaging.

Be Clear with Transparent Labels and Containers

To-scale images and product descriptions can convey a lot of information to an intrigued customer, but sometimes the best way to be transparent is to simply show them what’s inside. See-through labels and packaging bring a more literal meaning to product transparency, allowing the whole world – or at least everyone nearby – to see your product in all its glory.

Take a product like kombucha as a good example of how clear packaging can promote transparency. The natural qualities of the drink play a big part in why people purchase it. As such, using a see-through container and a label that doesn’t hide the natural hues of the drink helps buyers see kombucha for what it is. There’s nothing that screams transparency like stripping away the layers and letting customers judge the look of your product for themselves.

Talk About More Than Your Products

Transparency involves more than just the product you’re trying to sell. Part of being open and honest with your potential customers is to provide information on the who and what behind the products.

A brand is more than just the product. There’s a whole story behind those products, starting with the people behind the brand and what they stand for. Whether it’s a certain value system or goals, sharing these motivations can help people grow an appreciation for your brand that goes beyond what they buy.

Your packaging can help reflect these values or put a personal spin on every product. Do you have a story of why this product came into existence? Tell it on your label. Do you pride your business on operating sustainably? Let that fact be known on recyclable packaging. Are you a small outfit with just a few passionate people? Let consumers get to know the faces behind the product. Don’t be afraid to overshare, because people love to have a reason to care more about what they purchase.

Product labels that provide information about the brand with potential buyers.

Invest in Quality Labels that Promote Your Products

Your packaging says a lot about your brand. Each design decision impacts the way you wish to present your products to the public. As such, it’s important to work with a label printing company that can capture your desired look so that your products make the right first impression.

At Blue Label, we have the experts and technology it takes to help you communicate the right message to your customers. Whether you need a clear label or some other solution, we work with you to help you get the most out of your design. Contact us today to work with us for your next label printing project.

3 Ways to Make Consumers Notice Your Kombucha Labels

More people are looking to buy kombucha every day. Of course, this also means that more businesses want to make their own mark in the kombucha market. In a crowded field, product packaging can be the difference between success and a lack of sales. Here are three kombucha label trends that you can use to promote your products.

Show Off Your Colors (Both Inside and Out)

The natural aspect of kombucha is a major selling point, so don’t be afraid to channel that connection with your product labels. Utilize colors that not only pop, but also mirror the natural side of your kombucha. Full color label printing can help you achieve lush greens, vivacious reds, and other vibrant colors can help attract attention and promote your product at the same time.

The colors on your labels aren’t the only ones that can attract consumers. Clear kombucha labels allow you to show off the contents of your container to the world. Not only can the natural color of your kombucha intrigue consumers, people who like to see what they buy will also enjoy your transparency.

A closeup on a colorful kombucha label.

Showcase the Natural, Healthy Side of Kombucha

A big reason why people choose to buy kombucha is because it’s a better alternative to sugary, unhealthy beverages. Why not reinforce that perception on your label? Be open and honest about everything that goes into your product, especially if you source all-natural ingredients. If you want to be extremely transparent about your kombucha, you can even list the ingredients on the front. You’ll have to include them on the back anyway, so you can help build trust with ingredient-conscious customers by making the contents of your container a main selling point.

Another way kombucha can stand out is through the organic seal. According to Lumina Intelligence, half the kombucha products sold in the U.S. are organic. If that applies to your kombucha, make sure to add the organic seal to your labels. As long as you meet all the requirements for organic labels, that seal can serve as another reason why consumers will choose your products instead of the competition.

There are also other signifiers that can help you promote a healthier product on your label. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Federal Drug Administration (FDA) aren’t as strict about companies labeling their products as “natural,” but the word can still help you build that image for your product. You can also include specific health claims on your label if your kombucha qualifies for them via the FDA’s Food Labeling Guide.

An assortment of kombucha labels that show off the contents of their containers.

Use Your Label to Tell a Story

People want to relate to the products they purchase, and storytelling is a good way to help companies create a connection with consumers. According to an exercise conducted by authors Chip and Dan Heath, a group of Stanford University students shared stories that contained different facts to see what information people would retain. Five percent of students remembered specific statistics, while 63 percent remembered the stories the students told.

You don’t need to take up a lot of real estate on your labels to share your story. You can share a short origin story about your business next to the information panel. Is your kombucha part of a family-owned business? Let your consumers know. Have a funny story about how you started making your kombucha? Share it with the world. Storytelling can range from a simple, short sentence to a complex augmented reality labels, so don’t be afraid to use your packaging to promote your story.

Work with the Right Printer to Give Your Kombucha an Edge

A good label design plays a crucial part in selling your product, which is why it’s important to find a label printing company that can do your design justice. Blue Label Packaging Company has the state-of-the-art equipment and experience to make your products stand out among the competition. Contact Blue Label today to talk to our experts about your kombucha labels.

See-Through Strategies: Considerations for Clear and Transparent Product Labels

Sometimes a see-through label is the perfect way to make sure people notice your products. Clear and transparent product labels create a striking look that emphasize your container – and potentially everything inside of it. When done right, see-through or transparent labels can give alcohol, beauty products, and other types of packaging a clear advantage over the competition.

Of course, the key phrase here is “when done right.” There are some issues that can occur without proper planning. However, planning ahead for these factors can help you attain a stunning look for your labels. Here are some things to consider when investing in clear or transparent labels.

Be Careful with Colors on Clear or Transparent Product Labels

Both the container and the contents of that container can impact the colors on your label. Let’s say you use a bold red color for a bottle label. If the liquid in your bottle or the bottle itself is blue, your ink may end up looking more purple than red.

Since the label is clear, the colors behind it can completely change the look of your label. To avoid this, you’ll want to put a layer of white behind the individual elements of your design. This can even take a couple of layers of white ink to shield your design from the container or its contents. You may also want to consider test printing just to confirm how your label will look when applied to your container. For a small fee, printers can give you a physical proof so that you can make sure your brand colors are perfect for your standards before you make a full investment.

A single beer can made with a clear can label.

Pay Attention to Clear Label Placement

When you want to use some form of see-through label, you need to consider exactly how people will look at your product. If you want to put a transparent label on a clear bottle, do you want people to read your label from the back of the bottle or the front – or both?

Clear and transparent labels can be utilized in many ways. A clear label placed on a white container can create the appearance of a screen-printed container, such as the Fernson Brewing Co. cans seen above. You can use a single clear or transparent label, such as a solo front panel or something that full wraps around your container. Or you can also have dual see-through labels on the front and back of your container, leaving a minimalist label design that highlights your branding and product.

You can also pair a see-through label with a solid label so that customers can see different designs, images, or messages on the interior of the container. In this case, you’ll want a double-sided label with a layer of white in-between the inside and outside designs. If you don’t, you’ll see both transparent designs directly on top of each other, which makes for an illegible mess. Also, don’t forget to mirror the interior design. Interior designs are inverted when applied, so mirroring these elements will make sure your design isn’t backwards when it’s place on your container.

An example of a clear product label with different designs on both sides.

Choose Materials Based on Your Container

If you want clear or transparent labels, you’ll need to use some type of film material, such as a BOPP – after all, there is no see-through paper label material. Since you’ll need a film, you’ll also want to add a laminate or varnish to protect your label from scratches and other damage. In terms of what type of film is best, it largely depends on your container.

Identifying the right clear label material really comes down to what your container is meant to do. If you need a label for a squeeze bottle, you’ll want a material like MDO that’s meant for flexible containers. More rigid containers like glass bottles may lead you to crystal clear films so that you can showcase your product, such as labels for spirits and other higher-end products. These details can help a label printing company identify which material is best for your specific situation.

Make Sure Your Application is on Point

One of the great aspects about clear labels is that they can show off everything in your container. One of the downfalls is that they can show off every imperfection from the application process. Common label application issues like air bubbles, wrinkles, or other faults are magnified on clear and transparent films since there’s no color to hide them. As such, it’s important to have a clean, tight application process that won’t result in accidental fingerprints, dust, or any other foreign objects under the label.

Find the Right Printing Company for Your Clear Product Labels

Now that you know how to prepare for clear or transparent labels, you still need the right company to help you pull off your see-through vision. At Blue Label, we have the tools and expertise to develop high-quality labels and see-through packaging with your specific needs in mind. You know your products and we know label printing. Together, we can make sure that your labels compliment your products and make people notice your brand.

Ready to wow your customers with eye-catching product labels? Contact Blue Label today to talk to one of our experts about clear printed labels or your next label project.