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5 Ways Product Label Design is an Art in Itself

Coming up with the perfect label design is a challenge in itself. We get it. That’s why, along with quality printing, we provide a directory of Blue Label Approved Designers that have the experience you’re looking for. When it comes to designing a product label, there are things to consider that, perhaps, not just any designer can do. We’ll explore why product label design is its own art form.

Product Label Design Must Be Honest

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Any designer might default to trying to depict a product in its most desirable and flawless state, but an experienced product label designer knows that representing the product honestly to consumers is just as important as satisfying the brand. This is especially important when designing food labels. Imagery must be, to the best of the designer’s ability, an accurate representation of what consumers will find inside of the packaging.

Product Label Design Must Take Legalities into Account

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The Alcoholic Beverage Labeling Act requires that alcoholic beverages carry a government warning, among other things, telling pregnant women of the effects of drinking, and regular consumers of the health risks. The penalties for violating this act can be a fine in the tens of thousands of dollars. If your beer label designer didn’t account for this in your label design—you could be in trouble. Wine labels, spirit labels, liquor labels, food labels, health and beauty labels all carry some sort of legal requirement to communicate ingredients, warnings, or risks with consumers.

Product Label Design Has to Fly Off Shelves

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Arguably the most notable point, this design form is in high competition. Regardless of which product is being designed for, it must exist on a shelf in an aisle of all of its rivals. While staying true to the product, the brand, and legalities, the design must keep a unique quality that differentiates it from its shelf-neighbors. No small task. Check out some of our favorite examples of outstanding labels here.

Product Label Design Must Be Extensible

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Experienced product label designers will keep their label design open to variation for future product extensions. Whether that is a food line, a health or beauty product line, or a line of alcoholic beverages—if your initial product may grow into several subsets. Your design should be flexible enough to accommodate this.

Product Label Design Must Speak to Digital Printing Machinery

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Blue Label Packaging Company specializes in embossing, foil stamping, and pressure sensitive labels among a myriad of other capabilities. A good product label designer will know how to design for the intricacies that digital printers can provide. For instance, a thin metallic, hot foiled line may be missed in the digital design process—but show up during the actual printing process. Blue Label’s HP Indigo Digital Printing Press allows us to to digitally print high resolution images on pressure-sensitive label stock, paperboard and unsupported films.

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