Unique Beer Labels That Stand Out from the Competition

When it comes to beer, everyone has a favorite. But what does it take for you to step out of your norm and try something new? A recommendation from a friend? A discounted price? Science says it’s all in the label. In fact, there is a heavy correlation between your fixation duration and product selection when it comes to beer. So how do you make your label stand out? That’s where Blue Label comes in.

7 of Our Most One-of-a-Kind Beer Label Projects

We have the capabilities to print the most unique beer label design you can imagine. Satisfaction guaranteed. Check out some examples of the labels that are certain to make your eyes linger.


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Indiana City Brewing Company

Aaron Scamihorn of Ronlewhorn lends his design talents to design a dark, nostalgic and completely badass label. A vibe that perfectly communicates Indiana City Brewing Co.’s Sister City’s Kolsch. Our HP Indigo Digital Presses allowed us to deliver eye-catching results like these with 98% of PANTONE Colors and unparalleled image quality.


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Aquanaut Beer Company

Our friends at Aquanaut Beer Company trusted us with their first ever bourbon barrel beer label, and we knocked it out of the park. This design speaks to an out-of-this-world beer that’s unlike any other you’ve ever tasted.

The key to our unique labels is in our process. Instead of a generic form or limiting options, we prefer a more personal approach. Consultative and conversational, Blue Label is looking to fully understand what you and your brand are all about.


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Upland Brewing Company

Upland Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery with innovative, cork-closure beer bottles. What was missing? Standout custom beer labels from an unmatched digital label printer.

Luckily, Blue Label has experience creating award winning labels (St. Petersburg Distillery’s labels, for instance), so we were happy to help. Utilizing metallized material contrasting with colorful patterns and fields, Upland created a series of truly outstanding labels.


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Beer Lab Hawaii

Brewery and tasting room located near the University of Hawai’i, Beer Lab HI, knew to come to Blue Label for their custom beer labels.

Blue Label went completely digital in 2003, which allows extreme versatility, the ability to run small batches, lightning fast turn around times, cost effectiveness—and lasting friendships (partnerships) with far-away breweries like Beer Lab Hawaii.


Theory Brewing Co.

Sometimes, all the glitters is gold. A metallic accent is hard to ignore and designer Nate Arzak knew that was the best way to tell Theory Brewing’s story. The contrasting colors and hand lettering certainly don’t hurt either.

Do you need help with designing your product’s label? We offer an extensive design directory that is full of gifted artists that we’ve already vetted for you.


Other Half

The Other Half’s labels are remarkable for their wide variety of designs. Across the entire spectrum, almost literally, in terms of color and pattern, The Other Half takes full advantage of the possibilities available with digital printing.


Fonta Flora Brewery

Another featured designer in our directory, publisher Wooly Press, decided detail would be the unique factor for Fonta Flora Brewery’s Farm and Sparrow label. With impactful die cut waves, a Kraft paper material, and illustrated artwork, this label is unlike any of its shelf-mates.

Want a Standout Beer Label of Your Own?

If you’re ready to request a sample pack or just learn more, contact us to get the process started. We’re happy to help.