Professional Silk Screen Printed Labels

When you need to make your labels more appealing, high build, silk screen finishing can take your packaging to the next level. That’s why Blue Label Packaging Co. offers quality screen printed, pressure sensitive labels for businesses that need their products to make a statement to consumers.

The Benefits of Silk Screen Label Printing for Your Business

High build silk screen is a powerful embellishment tool used to decorate your labels. Once your silk screen labels are printed, Blue Label can apply a special resin on top of your labels that cures under a UV light. Once the liquid hardens, it creates a high-gloss layer that your customers can see and feel.

As you may expect, silk screen finishing can make your labels more intriguing in a variety of ways. High build screen printing offers a variety of benefits for your product labels:

  • Silk screen printing literally adds an extra dimension that give your labels a 3D look that customers can see from afar.
  • Customers can feel the difference silk screen label printing, making your products more interesting to the touch.
  • The gloss look of a cured silk screen resin stands out more aggressively than flat inks.
  • Cured silk screen resin is abrasion and weather resistant, making sure your design is built to last
  • Silk screen finishing can help highlight key label design elements, drawing customers eyes to key details like text, logos, or other elements.

Why Blue Label is the Right Partner for Silk Screen Printed Labels

When you need quality silk screen printed labels for your products, it’s time to work with Blue Label. Our experts deliver high quality labels built around your exact needs. Our state-of-the-art digital printing technology allows you to enjoy several advantages for your silk screen finished labels.

  • We cut out the tooling costs and lengthy setup times associated with other printing methods.
  • Our printers can deliver unparalleled color and image quality.
  • Our technology allows us to multiple label orders into one project to give your added order flexibility with multiple products.
  • We deliver quality labels with turnaround times of just five business days to make sure you aren’t waiting.

In addition to top-of-the-line technology, Blue Label also strives to provide stellar customer service. We guide you throughout the label printing process, helping you identify the perfect label materials, adhesives, and finishing techniques to give you the perfect base for your screen printed labels.

Ready to impress your customers with stunning silk screen labels for your products? Contact us today about your product label needs.