5 Ways to Elevate Your RTD Beverage Packaging

Simply put, ready-to-drink beverages are a big deal. Sales for RTD beverages have grown notably year over year as people crave quality mixed drinks in cans and other convenient containers. Of course, that popularity makes it essential that your RTD packaging stands out from the crowd.

Eye-catching packaging can be the difference between your products flying off shelves or collecting dust. It’s critical that your hard seltzers, canned cocktails, or any other RTD beverages make a notable first impression on consumers. Here are five ways that your RTD packaging can promise an elevated beverage experience.

Three hard seltzer cans with attractive RTD beverage packaging.

Go Simple to Make a Big Statement

While craft cocktails can be complex creations, RTD beverages are meant to be just that – ready to drink. People want a quick, convenient way to enjoy a nice adult beverage. Your packaging should do its best to convey that type of message.

A minimalist design approach is a great way to make an impression. When people are looking to kick back with a quality drink, they don’t want or need an information overload on their cans. Using white space or opting for more modern fonts like sans serif will help you quickly and directly communicate everything people need to know, including the flavor, your brand, and more.

That sense of directness also gives your product a sense of transparency and authority. Every small detail is amplified, so you can really highlight key selling points like all-natural flavors or high-quality spirits. Simplicity also pairs well with any RTD beverages positioned as a health-conscious way to enjoy a few adult drinks.

Don’t Slack on Personality

Simple doesn’t mean boring. In fact, RTD packaging shouldn’t be afraid to be loud, proud, and fun.

Big brash colors are a great match for hard seltzers or canned cocktails meant for a day or night on the patio. Bright oranges, yellows, and greens are a perfect complement for any tequila seltzers or other drinks ready to make people appreciate a cold beverage on a warm day. Full color printing can help translate your aesthetic with bright, summery colors to capture your ideal brand look no matter the size of your company.

Stunning colors aren’t the only way to showcase your product’s personality. Different decorations can make a massive impact for the design of your containers. Finishes like matte or glossy laminates will add both elegance and durability to your RTD container. Meanwhile, a soft touch laminate will even make your label feel different, giving your drinks an added edge for intrigued consumers.

A peach bellini breeze from Figleaf Brewing Co with attractive RTD can packaging.

Maximize Your Materials

It’s important not to overlook just how much your materials impact the look of your RTD cans. When it comes to RTD labels, you’re mainly dealing with a film material that will work well in coolers, fridges, and fill lines. Of course, that still means you have plenty of options to optimize your design.

Shrink sleeves are one such eye-catching option. These labels allow you to add a “second skin” that conforms to the shape of the container. The effect gives your label an extremely professional 360-degree look akin to the Whiteclaws and Trulys of the world that’s extra impressive to consumers.

Sometimes your materials can help support your design in different ways as well. For example, you can utilize metallic labels to create a faux foil stamping that will not only look impressive, but also cost you less than the actual decorative effects. Holographic labels are another stunning material that can add a ton of pop to attract your consumers’ eyes.

Show Off All Your Different Products

People love options. Fortunately, you can leverage your packaging to showcase all your different products.

Whether you has an assortment of flavors or styles of RTD beverages, it’s important to give each product a distinctive, yet cohesive look. For example, you can use the same base design and give each flavor a distinct color – a bright green for a lime-flavored tequila seltzer just makes too much sense. These variations will not only give each product its own look, it’ll make for an eye-catching sight for the ever-popular mix packs.

Of course, you also need to balance variety with budget. Different products call for different labels, which can lead to added fees and minimum order requirements with traditional printing means. Fortunately, digital technology allows you to mix and match multiple orders into a single order to order exactly the amount of labels you need for each flavor and take advantage of the lower ‘per thousand’ unit cost.

A six-pack of with purple RTD packaging.

Work With the Right RTD Packaging Experts

It’s important to find partners who can bridge the gap balance quality, durability, and quick turnarounds for your business. That level of expertise and customer service is why companies turn to Blue Label Packaging for their product labels.

Our experts have worked with more than 1,000 breweries and distilleries and know what it takes to print refined, cost-effective RTD labels whether you’re expanding your current product line or transitioning to a new container. Better yet, we can promise turnaround times of five business days so that you get your labels when you need them.

Ready to invest in the perfect RTD labels? Contact us today to make sure your RTD beverages stand out from the competition.