New Tricks for an Old Material: The Ongoing Paper Label Trend for Wine Bottles

Even an old business can learn new tricks. Paper wine labels have been a staple in the industry since the Persian empire. While these labels were necessary for detailing the many varieties of wine available, modern wine labels have another major purpose: to attract buyers.

Paper labels have maintained a close connection to wine bottles for centuries, both literally and figuratively. While different label materials have their advantages, paper maintains a classic look and feel that’s tied to the long history of winemaking. Of course, as wine label packaging changes, so too must the humble paper label. Here are some ways that wineries are wowing customers through paper labels.

Exciting Trends for Paper Wine Labels

Add Texture Through Paper Materials

Touch is a powerful factor in the buying process. Studies have shown that the feel of a product can be a major influence of buyers, so you may want to consider enhancing the visuals in your wine label’s design with tactile components.

An exciting texture can be created using various paper materials or through printing capabilities like embossing. Each option can offer a whole new sensation or tie into the theme or your label. For example, The Dieline highlighted one Spanish wine’s use of paper in 2018 to add an older, striking feel to its labels. Godai hails from a region inhabited by scorpions, so the use of a specific paper allowed them to channel ancient engravings and scrolls while attracting intrigued customers.

Paper’s versatility allows you to be very creative when it comes to playing with textures. A rougher material can add a tougher, earthier feel that may fit bold, red wines. Embossed patterns can add a level of sophistication or a more modern feel. No matter your wine’s story, paper can be used to add a tactile dimension to your packaging.

Paper wine labels going through the printing process.

Use Familiar Paper Mediums to Connect with Customers

A common piece of paper may not be all that exciting, but there are many different forms of paper that can add a certain feel to your label designs. Some wineries are using familiar paper-based mediums to their advantage, using them to convey a sense of nostalgia and fun.

Comic books are one popular inspiration for paper wine labels. Spain’s Maquinon used halftone dots, bright colors, and speech bubbles to echo the pop comics of the 1960s. Argentina’s Alchimia de los Andes Red Blend Wine uses a separate trope, mimicking paper posters for vintage horror films to make its bottle stand out on shelves. There are plenty of other ways to use existing paper formats to appeal to customers—newspaper, hand-written letters, etc. Taking advantage of familiar print mediums to tell your story can be a powerful tool.

Experiment with Custom Label Shapes

The classic rectangular partial or full-wrap labels are a staple in the wine industry, but more wineries are willing to try new shapes for their paper labels. Some custom die-cut shapes are subtle, like Schlossgut Lüll Winery’s use of striping to offer a striking twist on the traditional rectangular wine label. Others turn to completely original shapes, like how Pepe Raventós layers multiple custom die-cut labels on top of each other to showcase various colors and textures.

Paper wine labels can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so testing out this trend is simply a matter of figuring out how the shape enhances your branding. It’s also possible to pair custom-shaped labels with different bottle shapes or patterns on the container. Wine isn’t just for squares, so don’t be afraid to use paper labels to think outside the box.

Metallic foil being applied to a paper wine label.

Find the Company to Print Your Innovative Wine Labels

The right digital printing company can work with you to bring your new wine label to the masses—and may even steer you toward capabilities that you didn’t know were available.

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