Types of Labels for Unique Containers: What You Need to Know

Uniquely-shaped product containers can make for eye-catching packaging. However, designing the right label to fit on the container may present some challenges. You’ll have to get creative as you factor in the shape and size of the containers and the different materials you can use to create your label. Below, we’ve outlined several different label considerations for your uniquely-shaped containers.

Specialty Die Cut Labels

Designing a specialty die cut label is the most common way to create the most versatile packaging for your container. These labels can be cut to your exact specifications, no matter the shape of your container, ensuring a perfect fit all around.

Die cut label


Tapered Labels

Tapered bottles or containers are unique in that they aren’t perfectly cylindrical. A standard label won’t lay flat when adhered to your container, which is when tapered labels come in handy. Instead, tapered labels can be made to form perfectly by calculating the degree of tapering on your container. Using this type of label will ensure it won’t crease or slant on your tapered container.

Double Sided Labels

Containers made of clear material may benefit from double-sided labels. These labels give you twice the space to market your products and can add depth and originality to your uniquely-shaped container. While important information like nutritional content and FDA warnings need to be clearly displayed on the front of your label, the second side can be used to add a surprise or accent like a patterned background or catchy slogan that you might have not have space for on the primary side.

Specialty Materials

In addition to the type of label, you’ll also want to consider the material of your label. For instance, if you’re in need of a label for a uniquely shaped bottle or tube that will be squeezed a lot, MDO film is a flexible, moldable material that’s much less rigid compared to a paper stock. For products like lotions or shampoos, when you squeeze the bottle, the MDO resists wrinkling and creasing. MDO is just one of hundreds of specialty materials that can be chosen to accommodate your containers needs and functionality.

Custom Packaging Labels

Whatever type of packaging or containers you use, it’s important to work with a digital label printing company that can create high-quality labels to meet your unique needs.

Blue Label is a digital printing company that will work with you to create custom labels for your unique packaging. Our state-of-the-art HP Indigo digital printing presses allow us to find the best solution to provide you with labels that not only attract eyes, but also best suits the needs of your product.

If you need help with your label design, check out our Designer Directory to find the right partner for your product. Once you’re ready to start your next project, contact us to talk to one of our experts about how we can create custom labels for your brand.