Double-Sided Labels and Label Printing

Get the best of both sides of your labels. Double-sided labels, also known as two-sided labels, allow you to add depth and originality to glass bottles, plastic tubes, or any other see-through surfaces.

Double-sided labels allow you to print special designs and other enticing details on both the front of your label and the back where the adhesive is applied. With the right label materials, adhesives, and printing equipment, your two-sided labels can shine right through the container, adding a whole new look to your products.

Why Choose Blue Label Packaging Company for Double-Sided Labels?

Double sided labels provide extra space to market your products.

The right label printing company won’t put your business in a sticky situation. We have the tools and expertise necessary to deliver high-quality, double-sided labels as we do with single-sided printing. We’ll collaborate with you to determine which double-sided label materials and label adhesives are best for your needs based on the environmental conditions your product will encounter. Whether it’s in a warm or cool temperature, comes into contact with water, or other potential factors, our double-sided label printers and experts can help.

In addition to our level of expertise and investment in digital printing technology, another great feature of working with us is that we build a relationship with your business and guide you through the printing process. If you need design label design help, we can point you to our Designer Directory.  If you need quick turnarounds, we offer a three-to-five-day turnaround guarantee once your double-sided printed labels are approved. When you need quality service for your product labels, we’re there to help.

It’s time to make sure your double-sided labels do your products justice. Contact Blue Label today to talk to one of our experts about how we can make high-quality double-sided labels for your products.