DIY e-juice Label Printing vs. Professional e-liquid Labels

You crafted high-quality e-juice flavors. You created a memorable brand. Now, you need to label your e-liquid bottles.

There are two ways to print e-liquid labels. You could try to print them at home, or you could trust a professional e-juice label printer. At first glance, DIY e-juice label printing may seem more cost-effective than professional e-liquid label printing… but is it really?

Let’s compare the costs.

Printing your own e-juice labels at home

DIY has a notorious connotation for being a more affordable option. In this case, however, investments in necessary materials can add up quickly. First, you need the equipment, which isn’t so easy to come by.

Finding the right printer with the capability to print the size, quality and colors you need will take some work. It is extremely difficult to find a label printer that truly meets all of the standards that should be considered when printing, and often, the best options are only capable of printing monochrome.

This label printer alone is more than $120. Each time you create a new product, and need to print more e-liquid labels, you’ll need to purchase new rolls of tape, around $13 each producing up to 72 ft. of cartridges, or between 18 and 24 labels each. If you need 1,000 labels, you can expect to spend at least $500 just for the labels. Not to mention the fact that many home label printers don’t provide laminate or varnish to protect your product from the elements. You should also account for the time it takes to teach yourself how to use the equipment properly, to ensure the labels have a professional look, feel and application.

Printing e-juice labels with a professional

Blue Label’s sole focus every day is to print high quality, custom digital labels for its customers. Eager to help bring each unique vision to life, a professional label printing company knows every facet to produce the best labels possible, with an extremely quick turnaround and fair price.

For the same 1,000 labels, our cost comes in at approximately $200. That’s about $300 less than if you printed e-liquid labels yourself. Plus, you print with peace of mind, forgoing the headache and hassle of learning as you go.

There’s more. With a 3 to 5 day turnaround, you can order exactly what you need, when you need it. Plus, our HP Indigo printing presses give us access to use 98% of Pantone colors—which means you don’t have to pay for custom spot colors. Not to mention we allow you to mix and match versions all in the same job, allowing you to combine products for better pricing.

With the money you save, you could even consider enhancing your e-liquid labels’ design by adding decorations such as metallics, textured papers, hot foil stamping or embossing.

We get it—the DIY temptation is strong. But with the price of equipment, the lack of options and the amount of time it takes to produce, printing your e-liquid labels is something you can trust the professionals with––and it costs less than if you did it yourself.

Ready to print your e-liquid labels?

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