Label Printing and Design for Skin Care Products

Scrubs, washes, masks, lotions, ointments, serums, creams, and more―skin care products need great packaging to win over customers. Quality labels and packaging for skin care products are the keys to the success of a personal care brand.

Your organic skin care labels need to convey the right message for your products. For example, a natural-looking paper stock is perfect for a natural or organic skin care product. Perhaps metallic foils to create a high-quality, sophisticated look. Smooth, glossy labels add a clean, pristine look that could be perfect for health-centric products.

Whether your product is in a jar, bottle, tin, or tube, we can help make a label that’s perfect for your brand. In fact, we’re experts at identifying the perfect label material that will withstand the elements needed for your packaging – whether it be oil, grease, or moisture.

Why Choose Blue Label Packaging Company for Your Skin Care Product Labels

Lotion labels

We understand that a label is like the skin of your product’s packaging, so it’s important that the label matches the quality of your product. We have the right tools and experience to make that happen.

With our dedication to digital printing technology, we offer diverse printing and finishing capabilities that enhance the look of your skin care products, including label embossing, hot foil stamping, and variable printing . Additionally, our HP Indigo printing press can match virtually any Pantone color to ensure your skin care label is as vibrant as your brand.

While the look of your label is important, we also provide expertise on other critical components for your label. Every container is different, so we work directly with you to make sure your label design, materials, and even adhesives are perfect for your packaging needs.

Since everything is done digitally, you can mix and match different styles; all within the same order to help you ensure brand consistency, maximize your budget, and maintain the highest quality available. No matter the size of your business, we guide you through the printing process to ensure your products have the best labels possible.

Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about printing your skin care product labels.