Label Printing for Spreads and Syrups

After all the time, effort, and passion you invest into making your spreads and syrups, we want to help make sure your packaging reflects your product. We can produce custom labels that capture your product’s taste while also capturing your customers attention. With many specialty food brands filling the market , From small batch to large production, the Blue Label Packaging Company team has experience creating quality, personalized spread and syrup labels with short turnarounds, so your labels can be ready when you are. We are a completely digital facility, so no need for costly plate or setup charges. Our expertise includes custom labels for products such as:

Label Printing and Applications for Spreads and Syrups

Honey labels.

Spreads and syrups often encounter a variety of storage or handling conditions, so it’s crucial to use quality label materials and finishing techniques to ensure your label lasts. Whether your spread or syrup is packaged in a jar, bottle, or plastic container, Blue Label Packaging has printing techniques to guarantee your custom spread and syrup labels shine on the shelves. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts about your next label project.