Custom Cosmetic Packaging and Label Printing

Whether it’s bold and glam or clean and natural, makeup can enhance any look. Complimenting your line with a top-notch cosmetic label makes all the difference on the shelf, which is why it’s important to work with a digital printing company that can meet your needs. Blue Label Packaging Company has experience creating high-quality, custom cosmetic packaging and labels for makeup products designed for:

  • Eyes: Eye shadow, eye liner, and mascara
  • Lips: Lip stick, lip balm, lip stains, and lip gloss
  • Face: Moisturizer, concealer, blush, and bronzer

Unique Cosmetic Product Labels

After spending hundreds of hours perfecting your beauty product, why choose a boring label? Customers don’t just want a product that will work, they want one that looks beautiful on the outside as well.

Blue Label Packaging can help you design a label that works perfectly with your custom cosmetic packaging. Here are just a few labels to consider:

Clear Labels

Not only do clear labels give your cosmetic packaging an eye-catching boost, but they also provide practical features that are useful for beauty products. One reason why many cosmetic companies choose a clear label is due to its ability to withstand moisture. If your product is used in the shower or around the sink, then a clear label is a great option.

Another important feature of clear labels is that they offer double-sided adhesive options. This allows for your logo and design to be seen on the inside of your clear packaging, as well as the outside. 

Foil Labels

If you are looking to give your beauty products a high-end feel and look, foil labels are a great option. A well-designed foil embossed label can also highlight the luxurious elements of any type of cosmetic packaging.

BOPP – Oil and Water Resistant

Regardless if you are selling a makeup product or a skin care routine,  your packaging will likely be exposed to moisture or oil. To help keep its form, your label needs to be made from a material that is both waterproof and oil-resistant. One of the best options is a BOPP material, or biaxially oriented polypropylene.

Eco-friendly Labels

Many consumers in today’s market are becoming more environmentally conscious. To help appeal to this audience, Blue Label Packaging offers eco-friendly label alternatives. By using renewable materials we help to position your product as green or natural.

The Importance of INCI for Cosmetic Labels

Having a label that stands out on the shelf is only part of designing a successful custom cosmetic packaging. Making sure they have INCI names will also help keep your beauty products compliant with industry standards. Blue Label Packaging can help incorporate these essential pieces into your overall design. 

Why Choose Blue Label Packaging Company for Your Cosmetic Labels?

Cosmetic labels.

Cosmetic labels should accentuate the quality of your products. While the tube, tin, or bottles are being snagged off the shelf, it’s important you have a durable label that won’t smudge, scratch, fade, or peel.

Blue Label has the technology and expertise to ensure your high-quality cosmetic labels withstand the shoppers’ clutch. Our investments in technology offer a variety of cosmetic label printing and finishing techniques, like hot foil stamping, lamination, and UV label coating, that can both protect your labels and help your product stand out amongst the crowd.

Additionally, our HP Indigo printing presses can match virtually any Pantone color, ensuring your labels match the color of your product line. Everything is done digitally at Blue Label, so we can mix and match different colors all within the same order to help you maximize your budget without sacrificing quality.

Whether you manage a large cosmetic brand or are creating homemade products, we can create beautiful, long-lasting labels for your business. Contact us today about label printing for cosmetics and to see how we can help with your next order.