Cold Pressed Juice Labels

Making The Perfect Cold Pressed Juice Label

If you would have asked a person on the street what cold pressed juice was five years ago, you would have likely only received a confused look in return. What was previously a little known method for producing a healthier juice without pasteurization is now a $100 million industry in the US alone. This is great news as it means consumer tastes are changing to prefer healthier products and the overall market for cold pressed juices is growing rapidly.

But, with a growing market comes more competition. More competition is good for consumers, as it offers more options and lower prices. But for brands it means that high quality, a strong brand, and great packaging become absolute necessities in order to stand out. As such, digital printing is a powerful tool for creating outstanding cold pressed juice labels. Here’s a few ways digital printing can help create outstanding juice packaging.

Fast, High Quality Cold Pressed Juice Labels Without Minimums

Digital printing doesn’t require plates or long setups, so there is no minimum order in terms of quantity. Since everything is printed digitally, you can combine as many different versions of the same size as you’d like. For a cold pressed juice company, this allows a unique, high quality label for every type of juice in the product line.

Instead of trying to predict what juices will be hot items and which won’t, you can order smaller, initial quantities and buy them at frequent intervals to keep inventory prices down and prevent the possibility of having to throw away labels. If ingredients change or you want to get a new product out in a short amount of time, quick turnarounds allow you to go from idea to marketable product in a just a couple of weeks.

Create A Standout Juice With Foil and Metallic Labels

Premium brands use hot foil to create eye-catching labels. With a virtually endless selection of foils and the ability to use foil on clear labels, you can design a cold pressed juice label that blows away the competition. In addition to hot foils, metallic papers with white ink allow you create metallic images and text, producing complex and engaging designs (like our friends at Owen + Alchemy). There are additional decoration options like embossing and spot varnishes that can be combined to create the premium, high quality packaging you deserve.

Dynamic Customization For Your Cold Pressed Juice Labels

Digital printing allows for variable data to be incorporated into the design of the label. Whether it’s batch numbers, best by dates, personalized juice mixes, or any other piece of information that changes on a job-by-job basis, you can build it into the design of the label.

Even if there’s information that will change at the time of production (best by dates, custom ingredients), there are a number of finishes that allow for thermal transfer or handwriting directly on the label.

Customization is key to the cold pressed juice market. With a product as time sensitive and constantly evolving as cold pressed juice, having a packaging solution that can accommodate to this will most certainly make your life easier.

Cold pressed juice is here to stay, and in such a vibrant, growing industry, it’s important that your packaging communicates the quality of your product. If you have a cold pressed juice label project or would like to see samples of work we’ve done, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.