The Simple Vapor Company

Columbus, OH

Based in Columbus, Ohio, The Simple Vapor Company is an electronic cigarette liquid manufacturer who knows the value of simplicity and hard work. The success of the company is built around taking a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to give the customer exactly what they want from a bottle of juice. The Simple Vapor Co. isn’t about being flashy or over-the-top, they’re about making a quality product that looks great and tastes better. Using only American made, USP grade ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine, they stand by the quality of every bottle sent to their customers. With roots firmly planted in Ohio, you can find The Simple Vapor Company in vape stores all across the United States.

The Simple Vapor Company came to Blue Label Packaging Company as they were introducing a new product line. They were expanding their already wide selection of flavors and needed a printer that could easily manage their large catalog of products. Since Blue Label doesn’t require plates or long setups, we were able to combine all of The Simple Vapor Co.’s labels into the same production run, dramatically decreasing the cost of their labels. Blue Label’s quick turnaround allowed The Simple Vapor Co. to purchase labels as their rapidly expanding business grew, eliminating the need to forecast or buy in bulk to drive prices down. As the The Simple Vapor Company continues to grow, Blue Label Packaging Company will keep providing labels as high quality as the products themselves.