Land-Grant Brewing Co.

Columbus, OH

Land-Grant Brewing Company is a production craft brewery in the historic Franklinton neighborhood of Columbus, Ohio. Land-Grant was born from a passion for painstakingly-crafted beer, powerful design, and a Midwestern sports devotion. What started as a two-person aspiration in 2012, has quickly grown into a 40+ person operation with two locations and a third-party distributor.

At Blue Label, we can’t help but smile when we see a Land Grant label on press. With their rapid and continual growth, our quick turn times play a critical part in their brewing and canning operation. Their wide variety of brews work perfectly with our variable imaging capabilities. Meaning, by placing one order with multiple brew labels, we are able to run them all at once and change the image on press without slowing down or stopping completely. We love being a small part in our fellow Ohioan’s operations.