Four Reasons Why You Should Consider Shrink Sleeve Labels

More businesses are turning to shrink sleeves for their products. According to a 2018 study, sleeve labels claimed 18 percent of the label market, the vast majority of which comprised of heat shrink labels that conform sleeves to the shape of your container. As a result, sleeve labels are now the third-largest labeling technology behind pressure-sensitive and traditional glue-applied labels – and this growth isn’t expected to slow down.

So why are more businesses utilizing shrink sleeves? These labels provide a variety of design and performance benefits depending on your product. Here are four big reasons why you may want to use shrink sleeve labels for your business.

360 Degree Design Capabilities

One of the most notable benefits of shrink sleeves is that they can provide where other labels are limited: complete container coverage.

While a pressure-sensitive label can be custom-shaped to your container, it can’t compete with a label that’s very nature is to conform to the entire container. This process allows you to brand your goods from neck finish to base, allowing you to adorn your product with a design that covers pretty much every square inch of your container instead of being limited to the main surface area.

A shrink sleeve label on a beer can.

Form Fitting Sleeves Highlight Custom Shapes

Containers come in all shapes and sizes. From squeeze bottles shaped for comfort and performance to custom packaging designed to intrigue consumers, shrink sleeves are a natural fit for products that don’t subscribe to standard shapes.

Since shrink sleeves conform to your container, they provide tremendous opportunity to accentuate certain features of your packaging, whether it’s an ergonomic grip, an extended neck, or some other eye-catching shape.

Extra Design Protection

If you’re concerned about scuffed or scratched labels, you’ll be a fan of shrink sleeves. Pressure-sensitive labels have ink printed on the outside of the label, which means that people may accidentally rub that ink off if you don’t use a laminate or some other form of protection. Shrink sleeves turn this process inside out to eliminate the need for a special shield.

Unlike other types of labels, shrink sleeves have your design printed on the inside of the sleeve. By doing this, you shield your design with a built-in coat of film that is resistant to abrasion and other potential damage. This process can help protect your design from potential damage caused by everyday use.

Potential for Built-in Security

Tamper seals are necessary for specialty foods and other products that require tamper-evident packaging. Shrink sleeves allow you to invest in quality labels and tamper seals at the same time.

While you can design and order separate labels that serve as product seals, you can extend your sleeve over your closure and add a perforation to create a built-in, tearable seal. Perforations will allow your users to tear away only the top over your shrink sleeve, helping you cut down on your application process. In addition, you can extend your label design so that it covers your closure if you don’t want a basic, clear seal.

An assortment of shrink sleeves before they're placed on containers.

Find the Right Labels for Your Products

Whether you need a label for bottles, cans, or a specialty container, shrink sleeves can be an attractive, effective solution for your brand. At Blue Label, we have the expertise and equipment necessary to provide you with quality shrink sleeves designed for your specific design and performance needs.

If you’re ready to invest in shrink sleeves or stick with tried and true pressure sensitive labels, Blue Label can help. Contact us today to have us print the perfect labels for your products.