3 Tips for Designing Natural-Looking Labels for Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly products are making a splash in the market. According to Unilever, a third of consumers choose to purchase goods from brands that are involved in positive social and environmental change. A good green product label plays a role in making sure that the brand captures that eco-friendly look. Here are some things to consider when designing an eco-friendly product label that looks as natural as the products it contains.

3 Color Psychology Design Insights to Consider For Your Label

Many people believe that color psychology is a key factor to consider when designing your product’s label. The thought of color experts is that colors have the ability to send messages by influencing consumer’s emotions through a stunning label. When color psychology is applied correctly, businesses competitively position themselves in the visual market, which shows the importance of color in packaging.

Color selection, then, is a vital part in the design process of a custom label. Here are 3 color psychology insights that attract customers for your product’s label design.