Why You Should Invest in Custom Labels for Handcrafted Products

The market for handcrafted products is booming, but that also means that there’s plenty of competition. Etsy alone has roughly 1.9 million active sellers in its marketplace, so it’s important to do what you can to make sure your goods stand out from the rest of the crowd. One way to do this is to invest in custom labels for your products.

Whether you sell jewelry, health and beauty supplies, or any other homemade goods, custom labels can help give your products an edge over other sellers both before you sell them and after your customer receives their order. Here’s a quick rundown of some the advantages of high quality, custom labels for your products.

Custom Labels Can Impress Your Customers

Even a hobbyist seller can provide a professional presentation. While some competitors may ship their homemade goods in empty boxes without any branding, custom labels can make a good first impression on your customer. According to e-commerce company Shopify, “52 percent of consumers are likely to make repeat purchases from an online merchant that delivers premium packaging.” While you may not be ready to create custom shipping containers, a good label can lend your products extra credibility.

Labels aren’t just a showcase for your logo. They also provide you an opportunity to include important information. If you’re making homemade health and beauty products, the label can include key details such as the name of the product, how much it weighs, and the ingredients you used. A custom label can also help you build a connection with a buyer. Depending on your design, you personalize each package. A space where you can write the buyer’s name can combine personalization with professionalism. These are details that your customers will remember, which can help make them a return customer in the future.

Health and beauty products with custom labels.

Custom Labels Help You Build Your Brand

While some people in the online crafts marketplace are happy to have a fun side project, there are many who are looking ahead to the future. According to Inc., “the median household income of Etsy sellers ($56,180) is higher than that of the general population ($52,250).” If you’re looking to grow your handcrafted business, custom labels can play a huge role in helping you develop your brand.

A good brand is huge. As you grow, you want customers to know you by your company’s name. Your brand gives your business an identity, something that can tell your story and help customers clearly remember you in the future. Consistent labeling promotes your brand imaging so that it becomes a recognizable symbol.

Of course, branding can mean so much more than just presenting your logo on a package. Custom labels can include information about the story of your business so that buyers can develop a more intimate relationship with your brand. You can also modify your labels to help buyers quickly differentiate between your handcrafted products. With variable data printing technology, a good digital printer can print different versions of your label for multiple products, which is perfect if you’re trying to personalize the packaging for special events, specific people, or to diversify the color schemes.

A digital printing company making labels for Etsy products and other handcrafted products.

Custom Labels Are Not as Expensive as You Think

While custom labels may seem like a major expense, it can be very affordable thanks to digital printing technology. Digitally-printed labels allow you to order labels in small quantities without sacrificing on quality, which is why it’s a go-to solution for many small businesses in need of custom labels. For example, Blue Label’s minimum order is $200, which allows you to get professionally-made product labels at a price point that won’t break your budget.

Another advantage of digital printing is that it’s very flexible. If you have multiple products that require different labels, you can combine these orders to reach the minimum instead of having to create a separate order for each label. This gives you more freedom to order what you need in quantities that you match your needs. As your business grows, digital printing can handle larger orders of labels without sacrificing on turnaround time, which is three to five days after a proof is approved.

Speaking of proofs, there’s always the fear that the labels you order may not end up as great as you’d expected. To combat this, press proofs are available for only $30. This allows you to see exactly what your labels will look like before investing in an order. At Blue Label, everything is digital which means when you’re in need of more labels, your design is still on file and ready to go.

Ready to take your handcrafted products to the next level? Contact Blue Label today to talk to one of our experts about printing custom labels that will wow your buyers.