Why Digital?

Why Digital Printing?

Great question. As we’ve mentioned, we’re in our fourth generation as printers and one of the reasons we’ve been able to do that is our commitment to stay ahead of the curve on technology. A decade ago we saw the emergence of digital printing as major factor and made the commitment to pursue it on behalf of our clients.

Digital printing is a game changer for the industry. It provides more options, flexibility and economies than older approaches off-set or flexographic printing.

In addition digital printing offers:

Perfect Registration (Immaculate Image Quality) – HP’s Indigo equipment uses ElectroInk technology to ensure perfect registration (i.e. the colors always overlap perfectly). This means best possible image quality every time.

All the Colors In the Rainbow, And A Few More – We can print with up to seven colors, allowing us to recreate 97% of possible PANTONE® colors, only about 34% are achievable using four color printing. This may seem like a lot, and it is. If you are trying to stand out on the shelf, we can help get you there.

Speed – Digital printing doesn’t require plates or setups, once the files are formatted they are loaded onto the press and the job is ready to run. This means that your job won’t sit, waiting for plates to be made. As soon as we have the artwork we can produce the job, and ship it to you.

Small Runs – Tired of buying in bulk to get your price down? You should be. Instead of carrying boxes of labels in inventory, some of which might never get used, we can print exactly what you need. Since there are no plates and setups, our price breaks come at much lower quantities than traditional printers. Buy what you need, and buy it often, don’t save up for a truckload of labels.

Endless Material Options – Our printing technology lets us print on a wide range of substrates (materials). From paper to plastic to film to foil to tree bark, we can probably print on it. A distinctive material is a great way to make your label stand out. We’d be happy to review your numerous options with you; it can get a little overwhelming.

Sustainability – We don’t use rubber plates or energy intensive drying stations. Also, since we don’t have to run at high speeds and our presses are computer controlled, we print exactly what you need. Digital printing doesn’t exhaust any fumes, and doesn’t send scrap to the landfill.