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What Our Clients Say

We’ve always been confident in the quality of work we put out but hearing it from our clients is what makes it true.

  • Brothers Drake

    “Jared and Blue Label have done more than print our labels, they’ve created solutions for our business that equate to huge savings in cost, time and all with much less stress, which for a small business owner is one of the biggest benefits you can find. We’re excited to partner with Blue Label and consider them part of the local team that helps us retain more value in our company and community. ”

    Sarah Jones
    Brothers Drake

  • Sugar Plum Chocolates

    “I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and your team for all of the support you have given to myself and Sugar Plum for our Williams-Sonoma project. You guys are great to work with. Thank you for understanding our sense of urgency and making it happen. We completed our project yesterday and are very satisfied with the results. I could not have done it without your assistance and AWESOMENESS!!!! The labels and finished product look great!”

    Nicole Merrigan
    Sugar Plum Chocolates

  • Rockside Vineyards

    “We met Joe, and some of his team, we told them what we had in mind and while we were there they ran off a couple samples for us. They looked great. After a little fine tuning we placed our first order and we’ve been working with Blue Label ever since. It’s worked out very well.”

    Ron Rutter
    Rockside Vineyards

  • Forest & Main Brewing Company

    “The labels came in on Friday and they look great, we are very happy with them. Thank you so much for the fast turnaround. We’ll definitely be in touch soon with more orders.”

    Daniel Endicott
    Forest & Main Brewing Company

  • Simply Seoul Kitchen

    “I was helped by Andrew and it was the most amazing service I have received out of any of my vendors. Your company is awesome and I am referring you all whenever possible.

    Thank you!”

    Hannah Chung
    Simply Seoul Kitchen

  • Three Kids and A Kitchen

    “Thank you so much for the quick turnaround with our order last week! The package was delivered on Friday and we’re no longer staring at the LAST roll of labels hoping we don’t get a huge order.

    I really appreciate the partnership and support of our business.  Looking forward to what the future holds!”

    Erin Spalding
    Three Kids and A Kitchen

  • 350 Brewing

    “Everything has really been top notch! Quality, service, and turnaround time has been spot on.”

    Matthew Sharp
    350 Brewing

  • Chaqui Jerky Co.

    “As a very new, small business utilizing branding to separate us from a crowded marketplace, Blue Label Packaging Company has been a key, trusted component of our success.  We chose Blue Label primarily because of the professional, quick response, knowledge of the industry, flexibility on printing size and diverse portfolio of printing choices.”

    Matt Salts
    Charqui Jerky Co.