Shrink Sleeve Labels

Brand Your Container from Top to Bottom with Shrink Sleeve Labels

Shrink sleeve labels provide the full coverage you need for your product’s packaging. Blue Label Packaging Company offers custom shrink sleeve labels for products that need a sleek, 360-degree look that wows consumers.

Shrink sleeve labels allow you to add a “second skin” to your containers. When the film sleeve is placed around your container and heat is applied, it conforms to the shape of the container to create a label that looks like it’s truly part of your product.

  • We are committed to providing industry best turnaround times.

  • You’ll talk to a live, friendly label expert whenever you call.

  • We promise your product will get the great packaging it deserves.

  • We invest in cutting-edge technology to best-in-class quality.

Why Shrink Sleeves?

Maximize Branding Opportunities

Shrink sleeve labels conform to your packaging, allowing you to utilize the most space possible to brand your products.

Full Color Digital Processing

Work with exactly the colors your design needs to make your label pop while still maintaining your branding style and tone.

Fast and Easy Design Changes

Variable data printing means that names, colors, QR codes, and more can be changed within the same run.

Waterproof Label

All of our shrink sleeve labels are waterproof—a crucial component for containers that are exposed to moisture or humidity.

Abrasion Resistance

The label design is printed on the inside of the shrink sleeve film, so your design remains intact.