Spray Bottle Label Printing

From finger sprayers to trigger sprayers, spray bottles with labels come in all different shapes and sizes. When it comes to labeling your spray bottle, you’ll need a high-quality label that can both meet the needs of your packaging and ensure your product stands out on the shelf. That’s where Blue Label Packaging can help.

Digital Printing for High-Quality, Custom Spray Bottle Labels

High-quality labels can add durability to the shelf-life of your packaging, whether it’s cleaning products for your home, perfumes and body mists for your fragrance business, or industrial or automotive packaging.

Need a custom shape to fit the spray bottle’s contours? What about a laminate finishing to protect the label from moisture, friction, and even the product’s contents? Not sure which label material to use for a glass spray bottle vs. a plastic spray bottle? Blue Label has the expertise to help you select the right materials and applications to keep your label looking good while it’s on the shelf and in use.

We offer a variety of materials, adhesives, and specialty finishes like lamination and UV varnishes for water resistance and extra protection for your product label. With our digital printing capabilities, you can mix and match different versions of your order, allowing you to customize all your waterproof labels for spray bottles on one order for a more cost-effective option. Our HP Indigo printing presses can match virtually any Pantone color so that your brand is on point for each one of your product lines.

Why Choose Blue Label Packaging for Your Spray Bottle Labels

When you partner with Blue Label, you can expect a collaborative relationship. You’re the expert on your company and products, and we’re the experts on custom spray bottle labels.

Some advantages we offer include:

Are you ready to get started? Contact Blue Label today to talk to one of our experts about how we can help you with your make custom spray bottle labels.