The Top 5 Reasons to Find Your Custom Labels Online

When it comes to your product’s labels, quality comes first. So while digital printing tends to be less expensive than the offset or traditional printing for small to mid-sized projects, that does not necessarily mean digital is “cheaper”. Can you really “afford” to execute the entire label making and printing process digitally? Absolutely. In fact, it will pay off.

1. Quality & Customizability

The best digital label printers use state-of-the-art digital printing presses, such as the HP Indigo WS 6600 and WS 6800. The quality and customizability of the print jobs match or exceed that of traditional printing presses. That said, there are numerous digital printing presses, utilizing various technologies. Though, digital printing technology is improving across the board. As a customer, it’s important to know what type of printing technology will be used, as it has serious implications for color quality, surface feel and sustainability (not to mention price).

Some of the strengths of HP Indigo presses:

  • These printing press match up to 98 percent of PANTONE colors, making color and image quality second to none.
  • The resolution and uniformity of digital prints is comparable to traditional printing processes, so consistency is guaranteed from first label to last.
  • These systems can print on just about any material. Consider the options endless.
  • Digital printing companies are able to go beyond the basics–– more than standard, one-dimensional labels, UV coating and decorations such as hot foil stamping and embossing are all possible with digital.

Still skeptical that digital is just as good quality as traditional? Check out each of these beautiful beverage label designs that were printed on digital presses.

2. Turnaround & Efficiency

Another major draw to digital printing as opposed to employing a local traditional printer is the turnaround time. Digital printing companies do not have to create plates like traditional printing processes; digital processes require minimal set-up, which expedites turnaround time. In today’s market place, agility and fast turns are crucial to capitalizing on opportunities.

Blue Label’s turnaround time is three to five working days after receipt of the approved proof and signed purchase order. This efficiency contributes to the cost-effective nature of digital printing– less time and resources used at a printing company means more money in your pocket.

3. Flexibility in Job Size

For the same reason that digital printing’s turnaround time is so fast – no plates to create or lengthy setups – the initial costs of a digital print run are lower than traditional printing methods, which means small runs are very affordable. So if your dream is to open a brewery or turn your homemade jams into a small specialty food business, rest assured that digital printing could not only be your first label printer, but also grow with your business as your order size increases, delivering the highest quality from day one.

4. Accessibility

No matter what printing method you choose, sometimes what matters most is having a label expert available when you need them. Albeit over the phone and perhaps long distance, choosing a well-respected company that that makes themselves available to answer questions and talk you through the project is critical to the success of your project. You deserve to work out any and all kinks with someone who guarantees your full satisfaction––and will guarantee your satisfied with their work. Blue Label account managers are committed to client satisfaction; if you aren’t 100% pleased with your labels, they do everything to ensure you are.

5. Your Label is Your Brand

Aside from the product itself, nothing reflects your brand more than its label. Your brand is of upmost quality and the label needs to communicate that. Traditional, offset printing is often costly and not always of any higher quality. An online printing website that offers no accessibility to experts, charging you regardless of your satisfaction in the quality of the label is also a risk better untaken.

Choose a well-respected digital printing company that guarantees quality that wants to grow with you. Ready to get started with your label printing project? Contact us today to request a call or sample pack.