Short Run Labels. Long-Term Relationship.

As we all know, commitment can be intimidating. No one likes being stuck in a bad relationship, and a partnership with the wrong label company is a lot of time and money invested with very little room for moving and shaking. Over time, minds change, budgets shift, and art varies, so flexibility is key. You need a low-cost, low-maintenance printing option with maximum benefits. Short run labels are a forever kind of love, and a major plus in the world of ever-improving products, expanding product lines, and rapidly changing business plans. They save you money. They save you time. And they give you complete control of quality (and quantity).

Why Short Run Labels?

Unlike its flexographic printing cousin, the short run label is a no-muss, no-fuss option that does the job without the plates that increase cost and lead-time. Plus, you can’t beat the precision of digital-print technology. It’s your art, your way – in as many ways as you want. Meet your match (made in label-printing heaven). Here’s why you’ll love it:

It’s Time Sensitive

Short run labels do not require the use of plates, which means the set-up time is super minimal. You’ll be able to see your designs in no time (we offer cheap and fast press proofs), which is majorly convenient for testing new concepts and maximizing your options. You can print a number of options in a tiny amount of time. In short, it’s way faster than flexographic printing (and with Blue Label, if everything is in stock, we guarantee your order ships out in three to five business days after approval).

via Forest & Main Brewing Company Instagram

It’s Minimum Commitment

You’ve got to love options. Variety is the spice of life (as they say) and if your new line of limited edition cold pressed juices or craft spirits feature several flavors or versions, short run labels are far more efficient than flexographic printing. Since there are no plates, you can modify your art, add new products, and mix and match products at your convenience. With short run printing, quantities are entirely up to you. This makes seasonal bottle varieties not just doable, but super efficient and high quality.

It’s a Cheap Date

Shorter lead-times mean lower costs. On demand printing means never having to warehouse labels that might get thrown out, reducing your cost of obsolescence to zero. This leaves your budget wide open for variety and seasonality, which leads to (you guessed it) higher sales. So save some dough and make some cheddar. (Who’s hungry?)

Short run labels are more than just a pretty face, so to speak. Don’t get us wrong. Good looks are part of the package. But it’s a top-quality printing experience from start to finish. From the ease of the order to the fast and efficient delivery, it’s a perfect mate for any limited editions or seasonal products you have on the horizon. In other words, short run labels are an option worth getting to know better.

Need a digital label printing partner for your next short run project? Get in touch with an account manager today. We can’t wait to work with you.