Ohio Brew Week (Cheers!)

It’s that time of year again. The 12th annual Ohio Brew Week is about to commence in Athens, Ohio, and we, at Blue Label Packaging Company, think that’s something to celebrate. Originated as a way to keep businesses afloat during the summer season (when Ohio University students are on break), it has since become a time honored tradition; anticipated by a large (and growing) number of craft beer enthusiasts. From bottle releases, taps, and tastings to live band karaoke and (yes) even square dancing, the town of Athens will be an even bigger party-in-itself than usual, featuring a long list of quality Ohio-only breweries (including some Blue Label customers).

How It All Began

The late Jon Sparhawk, a highly respected Athens resident and restaurant owner, quite ingeniously recognized craft beer as an upwardly trending calling card that would draw crowds to Athens outside of the school year. Sadly, he passed before the second annual event took place, but his legacy has remained and the event has continued to grow in popularity (just as he predicted it would).

Ohio & Beer: A Love Story

The Ohio brewery boom dates back to the early 19th century, though the first microbrewery didn’t pop up until 1986 (Great Lakes Brewing Co, Cleveland). Since then, the trend has hopped (see what we did there?) all around the state, going beyond the three C’s (Columbus, Cleveland, Cincinnati) to the surrounding cities of Sandusky, Newark, Zanesville, Massillon, Dayton, and Toledo. We are one out of only eight states where the total economic output for the beer industry was at least $10 billion. This rapid growth has led us to where we are today, with craft beer and microbreweries continuously trending upward. There are currently 190 breweries operating in the state of Ohio (70 of which you’ll find at the Ohio Brew Week festivities).

What They’re Celebrating

Craft. Quality. And in our opinion, label design. Make no mistake; beer labels have a huge hand in bolstering beer sales. And after an event such as the Ohio Brew Fest, you’ve got to give them something to remember you by.

And It’s A Whole Lot Of Fun

There are events scheduled throughout the weekend. And they’re all centered around one thing. BEER. Beer and sports. Beer and music. Beer and quality eats. Because beer goes with everything and makes it even better. Was it Benjamin Franklin who said “Beer is proof that god loves us and wants to be happy”? The jury is out on the legitimacy of the quote, but it’s fun to believe, so…

While you’re out (safely) celebrating Ohio’s finest ales, lagers, saisons, pilsners, and more, keep an eye on the labels. Beer labels speak to the quality of their contents and the vision of their brewers. A great brewer knows that to adequately rep a product, the label design must be memorable, innovative, unique, and printed to perfection. We’ve got the technology to apply the cutting edge details that will make your product stand out. Embossing, hot foil stamping, spot varnishes, and more. Let us turn your product into the best-seller it deserves to be. Get in touch with a business developer today and get the process started.