Not Your Grandma’s Wine Label

Grandma taught you a lot about life, undoubtedly: The Golden Rule, the value of a dollar, and the importance of a home cooked meal for one. All of those lessons are truly timeless and have probably helped you in a number of ways. What’s not timeless? Grandma’s design taste.

How do you keep up with increased demand for wine and make sure your wine stands out? Your best bet is a modern, high quality wine label. That’s right, Grandma’s wine labels are old news. Here’s how to stay ahead of the game.

Grandma’s Wine Label: Gaudy. Your Wine Label: Minimalistic.

Just like her high-pile carpeting, over-draped windows and plastic covered furniture, the wine labels in grandma’s day were a bit too much. Go minimal and let the contents of the bottle speak for themselves. We love this barely-there label by 45 North Vineyard. The label design speaks to the sweet simplicity of a white wine without overpowering the bottle. The subtle embossing on the label is enough to make your mouth water. How do you create such a unique looking label like this one? You need a digital printer capable of detailed embossing. You’re in luck. Blue Label has this art down to a science.

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Grandma’s Wine Label: Dark. Your Wine Label: BOLD.

While strolling down the aisles of endless bottles of wine, your consumer may need a sign that the time to buy yours, is now. A bold, graphic, unexpected label sends that message loud and clear. We’re seriously digging this graphic wine label from A.R. Winery. The sweet face coupled with an artistic strawberry make this an irresistible choice. The limited text allows for the art to really steal the show.

Want to keep your wine label simple, but still communicate a specific to your consumer? Hang tags let you go into as much detail as possible without compromising the design of your label. Blue Label can print the perfect hang tag compliment to your wine label with no problem.

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Grandma’s Wine Label: Boring. Your Wine Label: Can’t-Put-Down.

Artistic, bold and amazingly detailed, you will spend longer than you expect examining this Brengman Brother’s Chardonnay label. The daring artwork and gorgeous detail spark intrigue for every viewer. While the timeless design may be inspired by the paintings in grandma’s house, it is certainly a modern interpretation.

Blue Label’s color process labels make sure every single color used in your label is as vibrant and clear as possible, no matter what the inspiration.

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Grandma’s Wine Label: Who Knows. Your Wine Label: Blue Label

We have the highest quality custom labels, digitally printed in Lancaster, Ohio, and turned around to you in three to five business days. We’ll walk with you every step of the way to make sure your needs, no matter how out-there, are met. Your satisfaction is what we’re all about. So hit us up, let’s talk wine.