Finding the Perfect Match: Beer Container Types and Cool Beer Labels

Think beer labels are only good for traditional beer bottles? Think again. From growlers and bombers to different sized beer cans, beer labels make the perfect addition. Here at Blue Label Packaging Company, we have experience designing and creating bottle labels for a variety of shapes and sizes.

It’s not just the label that can set a beverage apart from others. It’s the container type, too. Take a look at some of our favorite beer storage containers below:

1. Beer Growlers

beer labels for growler beer containers

Often used for transporting craft beer from breweries, growlers have an iconic jug-like shape with a convenient, sturdy handle. These types of beer containers are popular in the U.S., Australia and Canada – and we can see why. Not only are they cool-looking, they’re convenient.

2. Beer Bombers

Beer labels for beer bombers

Sometimes you just want a little more beer. These containers might look like ordinary beer bottles, but they’re far from it. Beer bombers are typically 22-ounce bottles that are often sold as singles. They’re much larger than the traditional 12-ounce beer bottle, and therefore offer much more space for a creative, iconic bottle label. Beer bombers are also convenient – instead of buying and carrying multiple 12-ounce bottles, consumers can simply buy one bomber with the larger amount of beer they want. Also worth pointing out, bombers are usually preferred for special edition or premium beers.

3. Beer Cans

beer labels for beer cans

These might not be as out-of-the-box as you were expecting, but they’re still a different type of beer container you may not associate with digital labels. Well, we do. The coolest thing about types of beer cans are the size variations – you don’t have to stick with the standard 12-ounce can. You can go with a 12-ounce flat top steel can, the 12-ounce slim can, the 16-ounce pint can, the 8.4-ounce can, 32-ounce “crowler”, and even the 12-ounce “Sam Can”, produced by the well-known Boston Beer Company. This last container features a flared lip and wider top – setting it a part from other standard beer cans.

4. Beer Kegs

beer labels for beer kegs

From the keg itself to keg collars, tags, stickers, wraps, and more, there’s a ton you can do with your beer kegs. Kegs can do more than just relay the necessary information to your consumer; they can be a powerful marketing tool. Just like any type of custom label, beer keg collars and other types of keg labels can set your brew apart from the competition.

Your type of beer container doesn’t have to be the only packaging feature that sets your beer a part. Likewise, your beer labels don’t have to be the only unique part of your beer bottles or cans. Beer containers and labels can – and should – work together to bring the product to life. Use them both to your advantage, and contact us today to find out how.

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