Why Embossed Labels Are a Game Changer

Give your product a finely crafted, premium flair with custom embossed labels from Blue Label Packaging. Our HP Indigo WS6600 and WS6800 digital presses allow us to print the highest quality labels in the industry without sluggish turn around times. Our top of the line ABG finishing lines allow us to add hot foil stamping, spot varnishes, and, of course, embossing. So why is embossing with Blue Label such a game changer? Let us explain.

Embossed Labels Call Out to Consumers

Embossing is truly the art of standing out. A three dimensional effect is achieved when an aspect of the label, like an image or text, is pressed into the material, allowing it to “rise above” the rest of the packaging. While great design can be achieved with flat labels, an embossed label will grab the attention of your consumer by virtue alone.

The depth accomplished takes your product from visually appealing to something that must be touched and handled. As TIME reports, touching a product significantly increases the likelihood of that product being purchased, as well as the price willing to be paid for the product. Embossed labels transform your beer, wine, food, health or beauty product from enticing to necessary.

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Embossed Labels Spell High Quality

We understand the care and quality that goes into making your product great and want to communicate that to new consumers through your labels. Embossed labels not only stand out from the competition on the shelves, but communicate a sophistication and attention to detail that is often unmatched. When tangibly and visually taking in the quality of a Blue Label Packagingly printed embossed label, there will be no question as to the caliber of the contents therein. Give your customer the unique experience they deserve.


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Embossed Labels Win Awards

When St. Petersburg Distillery needed a digital label printer to communicate the refined detail that their product called for, we were there with the experience and equipment. We hot foil stamped and embossed their labels to properly reflect the high quality, premium spirits of St. Petersburg Distillery. As a result, St. Petersburg has won a number of packaging and design awards. Embossing adds a dimension of design complexity that sets your product apart from competitors, allowing the designs to reach new heights of depth and engagement.


Can Your Printer Emboss Labels?

At Blue Label Packaging Company, we have the experience, equipment, and eye for design to make it happen. Embossing is a powerful tool when used correctly, and Blue Label has the expertise to make sure you do. To get started on making your label dreams a reality, contact us. We can’t wait to talk about your project.