Blue Label Doubles Down on Community with Mid-Ohio Food Bank Donation

Our company was founded in central Ohio in 1957. Over that time we’ve seen our region go through a lot of ups and downs. We have always made giving back to the community a priority, and now, when the community needs help more than ever, we want to do our part. As such, we are happy to announce the Blue Label Fund contributed $30,000 to the Mid-Ohio Foodbank in May 2020 to combat hunger in central Ohio caused by COVID-19.

Since 1980, the Mid-Ohio Foodbank has provided food to hundreds of food pantries, soup kitchens, after-school programs, and other groups on need throughout central and eastern Ohio. The organization recently instituted a COVID-19 emergency relief initiative, matching every dollar donated up to $600,000. For decades, we’ve aimed to give back and help where we can, and this match allows us to double our $30,000 donation and help feed twice as many neighbors as it normally would.

“We’re excited to partner with Mid-Ohio Foodbank in their fight against hunger in central Ohio,” says Blue Label Packaging Company President Andrew M. Boyd. “We are just beginning to see the long term economic consequences of COVID-19, and as we learn more we’ll continue to assist in the effort to get our community back on its feet.”

The Mid-Ohio Foodbank logo.

What is the Blue Label Fund?

The Blue Label Fund contributes to organizations and causes that align with our overall goals, such as the Mid-Ohio Food Bank. In turn, we can support a variety of organization that aim to support our community in one or more of the following ways:

  • Give food and basic necessities to those in need
  • Offer healthcare for people who don’t have access
  • Provide scholarships and funding for people who lack resources to pursue technical and secondary educations
  • Help protect the environment and combat the effects of climate change