5 Ways to Create a Standout Wine Label

You hear the phrase “stand out on the shelf” an awful lot if you produce and sell wine. It’s a competitive industry and many consumers make their purchasing decisions based on packaging. So what does standing out on the shelf actually mean for a winery? It means an eye catching, engaging label that represents your brand. Here a five ways to design a wine label that sets itself apart from the competition.

Get creative with the shape.

Custom Die Wine Bottle

Custom shapes are a great way to stand out; they are eye-catching from a greater distance and can create instant brand recognition. Though there is some cost and design time in building a custom shape, the result is a distinctive label that is instantly recognizable.


Bold colors.

Bold Color Wine Label

If you are using Indigo printing technology, you have access to a huge range of colors, use them to your advantage! Don’t be afraid to use bold accent colors and contrasts to take your label to the next level.


Foil stamping.

Foil Stamp Wine Label

Foil is a designer’s secret weapon; it glints in the light and draws attention whenever it’s deployed. There are endless options of foils available, from copper and gold to patterns and colors. Foil has traditionally been the hallmark of a quality product, and for good reason.


Bold typography.

Bold Typeface Wine Label

Big, loud type grabs attention and demand to be read. If you’ve got something to say about your wine, say it in large type. There are so many beautiful typefaces to use, if you don’t love the one you’re using see what’s out there, and increase the size. Good looking type seems like a basic idea, but when done right it can be outstanding.


Textured material.

Textured Stock Wine Label

A textured material speaks to the quality and creates a tactile experience for the consumer. Once they pick it up they won’t want to put it down. From linen to felt to estate papers, there are a lot of great options when it comes to quality material. Make sure you look through samples to find the one that works best for your wine.


These examples are from thedieline.com, a packaging website that we highly recommend for inspiration. The trick to a great wine label is that it communicates the brand; you have a lot of tools at your disposal, so get creative! Don’t settle for anything you don’t love. If you would like more resources on wine label printing, feel free to give us a call!