Artwork File Standards

File Standard Checklist

File Format must be:

  1. Adobe Illustrator or
  2. High-Resolution PDF from Photoshop
Minimum 300 DPI
Build in at least 1/8” of bleed around all sides
Allow for 1/16” of space inside the dieline to create “safe zone”
All type and font converted to outlines
All links embedded
The file is in CMYK
Call out Pantone colors

File Standards

Preferred File Formats

Our preferred file format is an Adobe Illustrator document. We work mainly out of Illustrator because it is most compatible with our presses. We can also work with a high-resolution PDF from Photoshop.


Type & Links

These files need to include the type converted to outlines and all links embedded.



Photoshop Tips

If using Photoshop please accommodate for bleed, or extra print space, by increasing your file size by at least 1/8” around the outer edges.

Please keep in mind that a few things in Photoshop won’t work properly when you open a Photoshop layered file in Illustrator, including Layer Effects, Adjustment Layers, and Blend Modes. If your Photoshop file has these, you’ll want to either flatten the image in Photoshop—or at least those effects—before saving as a PDF.